Make room for me on that bandwagon…

…I guess you could say I’m a follower since these are my 2nd pair. Very addictive pattern – and this yarn is delish!



I love these socks! I wish it weren’t so warm so I could wear them all the time :o)  The short-row heel and toe that I used is the ‘Sherman’ method found here.  There are no holes, I love this method and will continue to use it instead of the ‘wrap and turn’ heel that I was previously using (aka hole city).

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16 thoughts on “Make room for me on that bandwagon…

  1. Heehee! I love to follow the Monkey Love around the internet! I’m thinking of trying a pair toe up without any purling. That yarn looks intriguing–how was it to knit? Like I need anymore sock yarn. However, another hole in my head would be handy…so I’d forget how much $$ I have tied up in sock yarn! :)

  2. I love the colors. You can’t wear them now but it will be so nice to have new socks when the cold weather comes again. Which it will. Unfortunately.

  3. Beautiful socks! I too love that pattern and once I finish getting some socks off the needles I will be starting a 2nd pair myself.

  4. oh, very pretty monkeys. Good choice on the colorway, looks great with the pattern. This fall you’ll have some fun socks to wear!

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