Happy 35th

WOW…my mommy’s growing up sooo quickly!! :) I’m so proud!!!

So, besides getting a new puppy and all, we also have something even more special going on.

Tis somebody’s birthday today…can we guess who?!?! I think we all can… IT’S MY MOM’S!!! And what a wonderful mom she is.

Here’s 5 reasons of 2007 why she’s such a wonderful mom:

5. She lets me sort of choose when I can be home after a date with Whipping Boy, or just hanging out with him.

4. She understands…EVERYTHING!

3. She lets me stay out late…now that I have my license and all.

2. She knows when I’m upset and she asks me about it, and when I say that I don’t want to talk about it she doesn’t ask anymore.

1. And She knit the shawl for me, and it took her her WHOLE LIFE!!!




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39 thoughts on “Happy 35th

  1. Happy, Happy birthday, JESS! This post brought a tear to my eye! (and a bit of a giggle as I wondered if the STAYING OUT late thing is really more of Dobby wishful thinking…haha)
    Hope all of your cake wishes come true!
    p.s. 6 more days to Book 7. Stock up on frozen dinners!

  2. Best wishes to you Jess for your happy birthday. That picture is brilliant and good job for letting Dobby write a sweet post like that.

  3. Happy, happy birthday! I love the guest posting — Dobby did this last year, too, if I recall correctly. It’s a great window into the parent/child relationship from the kids perspective (filtered, of course, for public and parental consumption).

    Best wishes for a fabulously happy day!

  4. You and my daughter share the same birthday. Happy Birthday! (for some reason my Bloglines has not been showing your blog as updated)

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