Happy 35th

WOW…my mommy’s growing up sooo quickly!! :) I’m so proud!!!

So, besides getting a new puppy and all, we also have something even more special going on.

Tis somebody’s birthday today…can we guess who?!?! I think we all can… IT’S MY MOM’S!!! And what a wonderful mom she is.

Here’s 5 reasons of 2007 why she’s such a wonderful mom:

5. She lets me sort of choose when I can be home after a date with Whipping Boy, or just hanging out with him.

4. She understands…EVERYTHING!

3. She lets me stay out late…now that I have my license and all.

2. She knows when I’m upset and she asks me about it, and when I say that I don’t want to talk about it she doesn’t ask anymore.

1. And She knit the shawl for me, and it took her her WHOLE LIFE!!!




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