Oh What a Day…

My Birthday was a very special one this year. Dobby wrote a great post (thank you all for your wonderful Birthday wishes!) and RR decided to surprise me with a trip to NYC for the day to pick out and buy a new camera. Yep, a new camera! I’m so psyched! I’ve been wanting to upgrade my photography equipment and as soon as I said ‘DSLR’ to RR he reminded me that he has wanted to purchase such a thing since last year. I guess I just wasn’t ready to hear it yet ;o) (Camera was a gift from both RR and my ‘rents – thanks to all! Oh and we went with the Pentax because it has shake reduction (something the Rebel doesn’t have) and all our lenses fit this camera which means I don’t have to go out and buy a new zoom lens)

So today has been spent taking pictures with the new toy. Puppy still doesn’t like to stay still – and she jumps every time she hears the shutter go ‘clickety’.


My new STR order came in on Saturday – just in time for my Birthday!


From front to back that’s Foo Foo, a 2nd skein of Firebird, Space Dust, Calico and Minestone. Individual photos are in my Flickr Stash Set if you’re curious.

Finally, I’ve been spinning a bit this weekend with my other new toy – in addition to Amelia, that is:


That’s right, I got me a Wooly Winder! W00t! The fiber there is Superwash Merino in Blue Suede Shoes from Crown Mountain Farms. I’ve spun up about 2oz – 6 more to go! (I kept this picture at a larger resolution – go ahead and click…the detail is so. cool.)
On a ‘Muggle Scaring’ note – Jess (aka FreckleGirl) mentioned on her blog that Ravelry was mentioned on Tech Crunch. If you are in the mood to do a shout-out for knitter power head on over to this post and say hello. ;o) Just be sure to take a couple of deep breaths before hitting the ‘submit’ key on a narsty comment – some of the non-knitter comments are a little infuriating.

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16 thoughts on “Oh What a Day…

  1. Ooh, Happy Birthday Jess!

    That bobbin shot makes a wooly winder look very appealing. (Congrats on the new camera too–how exciting!) I’ve been a teeny bit tempted lately to see if I can get one for my spinner–now the temptation gets stronger…

  2. Great job with the new camera, Nelson is a big photography buff as well and I’m sure he’ll have good things to chat with you about it.

  3. Ooooh! Nice, nice and nice! “Shake reduction”, “image stabilizer”, call it what you want, they’re a God send ;-)

  4. nice toys. as for the tech-crunch post and comments. i don’t think they’re all that bad. i don’t understand people who obsess about star trek or harry potter or battlestar gallactica or gaming and will poke fun at them. there’s no need to get angry about it.

    and there are plenty of knitters out there who are totally technology retarded. i’m borderline and have sold lots of yarn to many.

  5. Great gifts! I was just explaining a woolee winder to my roommate this weekend. :)

    Interestign Tech Crunch article too. Muggle views persist.

  6. Glad you had a great birthday! Did you get your camera at B&H? I love that store!! I may have to buy myself a STR stash for my birthday…with several months to save up for the splurge!

  7. Happy Birthday Jess! I can see why the woolie winder would be great to have, now that I’m spinning … some. Love the color of the CMF.

  8. Sounds like you had a great birthday!

    How do you like your woolie winder? I don’t know how I ever lived with out one!

  9. Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday! A reduction shake Pentax, very nice! Lots of rocking sock yarn!

    The Blue Suede Shoes is spinning up very nicely.

  10. Wow, what fun gifts your got! I love the picture of the merino. I checked out Tech Crunch and got a chuckle out of the comments that refered to the old “stereotypes” of who knitters are.

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