No Spoilers Here…

…just wanted to let everyone know that I finished HP and the Deathly Hallows about five minutes ago.

We picked up our book last night at B&N, got home at two and I read ’til 4:30 and I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.  Then up at 10 and finished at 2pm and no, I didn’t skim ;o)  I haven’t read this fast since…well, since the last book came out.

…but it was worth it… ;o)

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14 thoughts on “No Spoilers Here…

  1. Oh, gracious, you are good! I got my copy!! Whoohoo! I do not intend to read it quickly. I like to savor. (Read: My eyes are not that good anymore…:(
    You must be exhausted!

  2. I picked up mine at 9:00 this morning and read until I finished it at 4:30 . . . with as many breaks as I could squeeze in, and reading as slowly as I could . . . And then I went back and reread the last 200 pages, just because!

  3. Ok, your the second person I know that has finished already. We had too much to do today and with mucho small children interruptions.. just impossible. I am not deluding myself. There is no way I’m going to finish this before the weekend is over, its just impossible in this house. I’m shooting for Monday or Tuesday, and avoiding most media until then.

    I read until 4:30ish, a few pages in the car on the way to grocery shop, and another chapter while the hub was making dinner. I’m now off to pajamify a toddler, make myself some cappucino then sit down with my book again!

  4. I didn’t get my copy until noon, then we had to go to a kid birthday party, so by the time we got home at 5pm I’d only finished about 90 or so pages, but know I’m up to page 380 and I just can’t stand it!!!

  5. I’d like to be able to savor this one since it’s the last one (sob!) but I can’t help reading fast, dammit. I got it yesterday and while I haven’t read every chance I have, I’m about a third of the way through.

  6. I tried to read this book slowly, but alas, I too have finished it. And now I’m listening to the audio version with my family and hearing the story for a second time. I’m picking up on some key points the second time around. Some of my predictions came true, some did not. Either way I am pleased and sad at the same time. Now what will I read? I think I’ll go knit something.

  7. Hi Jess! I’m in your blogreading group for Summer of Socks. Would you mind checking your spam folder – I’ve emailed you twice with updates on my blog, but they’ve never made it to the post. I just want to make sure I’m sending them to the right address. Thanks!

    I’m planning on spending my evening with Harry Potter..can’t wait :)

  8. I do feel sorry that it’s Over, really and truly Over. There will be films, of course, and many re-readings, but never again will we get to specualte about what happens next. Sigh! Very bittersweet.

  9. Totally worth it! Now that it’s over, my only consolation is that it is definitely a re-readable series. I’ve already re-read the first 6 many times. And since my kids aren’t quite old enough for all of them yet, I’ll be able to share them with my kids later.

  10. That is pretty much what I did on Monday – I haven’t read such a big book since the last one was out either! Funny isn’t it? I wish all books were such a dazzling read.

    How did you like it?

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