…and now back to the spinning…

I may have neglected to mention that I am a member of the Spunky Club – every month I get a package from Amy with a lovely new colorway. So far I have received three packages and this weekend I finally finished the first one:


I can’t remember what kind of fiber this is and can’t find the card that came with it (I suck, I know…sorry) however I do remember that the colorway is ‘Strawberry Fields’ and I managed to get about 300 yds of sport-ish weight 2-ply yarn out of the 4oz. Ain’t it purty? ;o)

I also finished another pair of socks but there is absolutely no sunshine here today so no photos of those yet.

In other really cool news, Jessie (who is very much a Rockin’ Girl Blogger) has named lil ole me as a


It has taken me a couple of days but I managed to whittle down five RGB’s out of the 300+ blogs on my Bloglines. Here they are in no particular order:

Cynthia gets me. Really, really gets me. ;o) Now if only she would post more often…hehe

Sandy – how could I not list a fellow Brian Regan fan? I won at the staring at the sun game!!! *grin*

Bev – Rockin’ girl, rockin’ hubby (who KNITS, people – and has his own stash!), rockin’ dog and sends a mean postcard…what more can I say? I just wish she still lived in NYC so we could hang together more often :o(

Scout is totally fearless. She’s built up a successful company from nothing and is willing to IM me first thing in the morning with bookkeeping questions before I’ve finished my first cuppa. See what I mean? Fearless.

Last but definitely not least we have Carole.  Another fellow knitblogger who ‘gets’ me.  The one thing we have in common that not many other knitbloggers have is hoopskirts and time travel.  We’ve both experienced Civil War Reenacting and not only lived to tell about it but enjoyed it ;o)

Trust me, this was not an easy list.  There are so many amazing bloggers out there it was very difficult for me to pick only five.  :o(

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13 thoughts on “…and now back to the spinning…

  1. Strawberry Fields was a Corriedale. All Amy’s fiber is SO NICE! I just spent time finishing up the last couple of Spunky offerings. Nice work on yours. I agree with your Rockin’ list, too!

  2. It looks like I keep good company :)

    Forget posting more often (wait, I do forget…), I just need to move closer so we can hang out more.

  3. Beautiful spinning! I am completely envious. I finished my Bellatrix socks (and finally posted a picture) if you want to stop by to see them. I can’t wait to see yours!

  4. yay for you — you really are a rockin’ girl blogger! and the handspun is delightfully springish…get spinnin’ on those other 2 kits now, k?

  5. GAH! Look at how behind I am! I rock and I didn’t even know it!!
    Thank you!
    THE BIG YELLOW ONE IS THE SUN! ahhahahahahah.
    Your spinning in texture and colorway reminds me of Brooks Farm. I kid you not!

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