Finished Bellatrix Socks

Bellatrix 2


Bellatrix Socks, started July 18th, 2007, finished July 23rd, 2007

Pattern: Bellatrix from Socktopia (part of a set of 3 socks in a ‘Harry Potter’ theme for the month of July)

Yarn: Socks That Rock Mediumweight in ‘Rare Gem’ (the ‘extra’ skein from STR Club 2006)

Needles: Knitpicks Circs – size 2.75mm

Pattern Notes: Pattern calls for you to cast on 60 stitches which proved too big for me so I knit three repeats of the pattern with 60 stitches then I decreased to 54 stitches for the rest of the sock which resulted in pooling. So to fix the pooling I started doing the wraps as three sets of 2 wraps instead of wrap 2, wrap 3, wrap 2 – but only on the 2nd sock so there’s pooling on one and not as much on the other.

Would I knit it again? Nope, you only need one Bellatrix ;o)

(p.s. I TOTALLY LOVE my new camera…hee!)

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22 thoughts on “Finished Bellatrix Socks

  1. Great pix! And … interesting … socks. :-) Actually, your Rare Gem is much nicer than mine. (I think you should go back and re-do the other one. LOL!)

  2. I love your Bellatrix! I also love the modification you made–I bet it uses way less yarn. I agree with you that one Bellatrix is definitely enough, but I might do another pair for someone else if they asked me really nicely.

  3. I’m finding that my Bellatrix sock is too large also at four repeats. So I’m going to go down to size 1 needles and hope that’s enough till I get to the foot (and can decrease some stitches. This sock would work better for me at 56 or 54.

  4. Oooh I love your Bellatrix socks! I can hardly restrain myself from casting them on…too many socks on the go…must finish another pair so I have some free needles.

    Your camera takes a nice, clear photo.

  5. Great Bellatrix. Now I want to make a pair. Knit Fast-Die Young was good read. Light, predictible, comfortable reading. It doesn’t suck you in but very relaxing. Sometimes that’s just what the doctor ordered.

  6. These are so gorgeous! It’s the first pair of this pattern in a more variegated yarn that I’ve thought looked good, and these are so much better than good. :)

  7. I’m finally catching up on my SOS peeps. JessaLu, those are seriously gorgeous. I love taht the zig-zaggy bits came out like solid colors – really makes the pattern pop. Beautiful!

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