Finished Bellatrix Socks

Bellatrix 2


Bellatrix Socks, started July 18th, 2007, finished July 23rd, 2007

Pattern: Bellatrix from Socktopia (part of a set of 3 socks in a ‘Harry Potter’ theme for the month of July)

Yarn: Socks That Rock Mediumweight in ‘Rare Gem’ (the ‘extra’ skein from STR Club 2006)

Needles: Knitpicks Circs – size 2.75mm

Pattern Notes: Pattern calls for you to cast on 60 stitches which proved too big for me so I knit three repeats of the pattern with 60 stitches then I decreased to 54 stitches for the rest of the sock which resulted in pooling. So to fix the pooling I started doing the wraps as three sets of 2 wraps instead of wrap 2, wrap 3, wrap 2 – but only on the 2nd sock so there’s pooling on one and not as much on the other.

Would I knit it again? Nope, you only need one Bellatrix ;o)

(p.s. I TOTALLY LOVE my new camera…hee!)

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