beanie-012.JPGHi…Beanie here. Momma is off doing her best impression of a contestant on “Pants-off Dance-off” for the noisy neighbors so I thought I’d jump on here and say ‘hi’. Okay she’s really taking my stupid sister for a walk but those dummies next door STILL can’t see her so they think Momma’s running around outside in her bathrobe at 8am for their amusement. Momma calls them ‘crow magnums’ – not sure what that means…

Speaking of my stupid sister, I don’t care WHAT Momma says, she smells. and she’s pushy. and I swear if she tries to sit on my pillow one. more. time. I’m going to rip that cute little tail right. off. What the heck is wrong with her anyway that she doesn’t get ‘potty’? I mean really, how hard can it be?

If she doesn’t get it soon I’m going to kick her butt six ways to Sunday (not sure what that means but I heard Pa say it once and I think it sounds funny) and I’ve been kicking around the idea of going to visit the neighbors – not the noisy ones, the nice ones who have cookies. ‘cuz I love me some cookies…and they’ve been in short supply lately since SOMEONE can’t understand POTTY means OUTSIDE and if Momma is yelling…there’s no cookies for ANYbody. Stupid sister.

uh oh I gotta go…Momma is coming back in and she doesn’t sound happy…yelling something about ‘bad potty’ so I guess the stupid new kid screwed up again…*sigh*


P.S. My head is pretty much healed but it still hurts a little bit once in a while. You know what helps? Cookies.

P.P.S. Send cookies.

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6 Responses to Beanie here…

  • heide says:

    Beanie, you look fabulous for someone who was unscrupulously mauled by a crazed muskrat. How could anybody look at you and NOT offer a cookie? Don’t worry about your sister, she’ll settle down. It may take a few years and of course she may never be as refined as you, but it will happen. Maybe when your mom finally takes some time to sit down and spin or knit you can cuddle up for some one-on-one cuddle time.

  • --Chappy says:

    Oh, I love biscuits, too! They’re just the best! If I could, I’d send you one of the ones my human-cousin made for my birthday because they’re really good, and what with the pesky little sister and the muskrat and everything, I’d be willing share, well, one of them anyway. Hope things get better soon!

  • Beanie, you’re looking good! Little sisters can be such a pain in the behind, can’t they? *sigh* I’d go get me some cookies from the nice neighbors too! You deserve them!

  • Jennifer says:

    Beanie, I hope you get lots of cookies. Hang in there.

  • Oh Beanie, little sisters can be a real pain. Hope yours learns good potty soon.
    Maybe Pa can go to the store for some cookies for you! Not your fault if your sister is slow.
    Visit the neighbours if you are desperate, that should send a clear ‘need cookies now’ message to your family.

  • Kelly says:

    Glad your feeling better Beanie! I know being a big sister can be tough but I’m sure you’ll both figure out a way to live to together.

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