ECF and…

…big news!

First, Eye Candy Friday:

Socks on the Line


DOBBY PASSED SUMMER SCHOOL!!!  w00t! This means she gets her Geometry credit AND my 3 year old Toshiba laptop ;o) Yay, Dobby!

Beanie would also like me to say that she’s sorry for her little hissy fit yesterday…we’ve spoken and she’s negotiated a larger cookie ration, more attention from me and baths twice a week for the sister ;o) She’s a tough negotiator!

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26 thoughts on “ECF and…

  1. Congratulations Dobby! Your sock picture is beautiful. Kudos to Beanie for making her voice heard, the squeaky wheel proverb proves true once again.

  2. Nice picture! I love it.

    Congratulations to Dobby! (does this mean you get to get a new laptop for yourself, by the way?).

  3. Congrats Dobby!!! Don’t worry I flunked geometry and had to go to summer school too and I turned out just fine. I even went on to get a MS.

    The funny thing is I heard protractor at least 3 times in the last week after not hearing about it for years. So I guess they were right and sometimes you do need that stuff. I would most likely have learned it the first time if they would’ve related it to spinning.

  4. Oh, those socks look tasty drying on the line. I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t use sock blockers all the time!

  5. Hooray, Dobby!!!!!

    What was the breaking point in the negotiations between you and Beanie? How many baths does she get? :-)

    I love the sock pic.

  6. I LOVE that picture! CONGRATS to DOBBY, the smarty pants. ANd I mean that in the best of ways!!!
    (I can’t stop)

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