Devotion to RR or cookies…you decide ;o)


(this is my favorite photo so far of Jazz) Also, for those requesting photos of both dogs together – we reached a milestone this evening! Beanie allowed Jazz to be within a foot of her without growling or otherwise being territorial and I have proof:

Sisters ...

Again I have to ask…was it the cookies? ;o)

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18 thoughts on “Devotion…

  1. Ah…the power of the Treat.

    My goodness Jazzie is a cutie! The focus on Beanie’s face is priceless. Remarkable progress – Treat Time would be absolutely the last time Kira would not be growling (she lunges at our cats for goodness sake – when food is in the vicinity, never mind a dog treat). Jazzie is becoming one of the pack. :-)

  2. It’s TOTALLY the cookies. That and I bet even she, in her heart of hearts, has to admit that Jazz is pretty damned cute. I bet she’s growing on her. ;) Beautiful shot by the way, you can see the energy and intelligence there. Or at least that someone’s definitely interested. *grin*

  3. Ha! You’re doing so much better than we are……..chester has been with us for almost an year, and do you note the absence of a picture of three dachshunds together?

    I’d say that Jazz and Beanie are doing great – even if it did take a cookie!

  4. I’d do anything for cookies too.
    Um….one more?
    You play a half game still get a whole snowcone.
    GRAPE! Grape is the favorite!

  5. Ok, yes. It probably WAS the cookies, but really, could they both be any cuter? Seriously? Nah, I thought not… :) Jazz is quite photogenic. :) That top photo is wonderful!

  6. Be quiet and just let me enjoy the illusion of peace. Something I haven’t seen from my ‘baby’ Scout since the 4th of July fireworks….

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