…this past week has almost pushed me to either start smoking again or start drinking (more). Possibly both.

First, we have the lovely Alb*ny RV folks who had me running in circles for three days trying to buy a camper we didn’t really need but wanted pretty badly. I was fine for the first 24 hours – when it got up to 72 I started getting a titch upset. It didn’t help that the salesperson who was handling the sale wasn’t there for Tuesday or Wednesday and the backoffice person didn’t believe in calling when a call was promised.

Anyway, we bought the damned thing and pick it up Tuesday. woo. Hopefully by then I’ll be excited again…and referring to it as something other than ‘the damned thing’…

Next up we have my hosting company who decided last night would be a good time to try to extort an extra $90/month out of me because someone started attacking my old blog ( – please update your linkage if you are linked to that site, it doesn’t exist anymore) which resulted in almost 14,000 hits to their server in the space of like, 3 milliseconds. THAT took all day to straighten out because they chose to not respond to my emails for eight hours (they don’t have phone support. Trust me, Dreamhost is looking better and better by the minute). I FINALLY got them to actually help me and remove the old blog so now my new blog (that you are reading now…) is up and running again. woo. Hopefully by Tuesday I’ll be excited about that, too… ;o) (no, I didn’t pay them an extra $90)

Anyway…ignore the bitter lady and look at the pretty picture:


I’ve been knitting, too. I started a sock twice, decided it sucked twice and ripped it twice. What am I knitting now? A Jaywalker. Why yes, I do like the feeling I get when I smack my forehead against a brick wall repeatedly…why do you ask? ;o) I like to think of myself as an eternal optimist…those who know me well can stop laughing at any time…

(I’m really okay, just venting…I’ll be better on Tuesday…when I have my new camper…woo.)

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