MORE big news…

Dobby has passed another milestone in the sea of teenage angst she is forced to endure until magically, when she turns 18 this fall, she becomes a rational, calm, reasonable adult.

Oh be quiet, I can dream, can’t I? ;o)

Anywho, the milestone:

No more braces!


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18 thoughts on “MORE big news…

  1. That’s great. Okay, I hate to be a drag, but please tell Dobby to wear those retainers no matter what a pain in the bum they are (for the rest of her life; it’s a small price to pay for pretty teeth). Otherwise, she might just have to have braces again as an adult. Ask me how I know :-)

  2. As an alumna of thirteen years (!) of braces on-again, off-again (I was, um, a little non-compliant about the nighttime retainers . . .), let me give a great big CONGRATULATIONS!! to Dobby! That’s fabulous!

  3. Karyn says:

    Yay Dobby! I remember feeling toothless the day I got mine off. You get so used to them being there.
    Then about a week later, I got glasses. What a dork!

  4. Congratulations, Dobby!!

    Now, don’t be a moron like me and toss your retainer in the trash. I’m thinking you don’t want to dumpster dive after seeing the look on your mom’s face…

  5. We just started my 8 year old daughter out on the road to orthodonture. I hope that her teeth turn out as lovely as Dobby’s!

  6. Yay! They look fantastic! I can only imagine the torture braces must have been. My brother had them and he just looked like he was in pain!

  7. My daughter wore braces for 5 long years. When she got them off, we asked if he would give them to us, and we strung them on a red satin ribbon and they are now here favorite Christmas ornament. Ok, maybe weird… but I never said we weren’t :o)

  8. Whooot! My dd had hers off this spring–after enduring them for almost 4 years! Congrats to Dobby, I know she is excited! Gum, nuts, popcorn, chewy candy. I can hear the sigh from here ;o)

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