We’ve been campered…

The good news is we picked up the camper, nobody was hurt during the demo (and it didn’t start raining ’til we had it all closed back up again), we lived through dinner at Friendly’s on Central Ave in Albany and I managed to set it up again (with Dobby’s help) in the driveway this morning.

However, it’s huge. Gargantuan. Extremely large doesn’t even touch the description of this thing. When it’s closed down and folded ready for towing it comes up to my nose. I’m 5’7″. I’d like to point out that, while it seemed roomy inside when we looked at it we had no idea that a “12 foot box” (as described by the salesperson) was in actuality a FIFTEEN foot box that completely blocks all vision of the back of the vehicle. Apparently they teach math different at RV Salesperson Skewl.

When we drove into the back lot yesterday we were trying to figure out which camper was ours out of the five or six pop-ups they had sitting there. RR pointed to one and said, “There’s no way that’s ours. I’d love for it to be ours but it’s not. No way. It’s too big.”

Guess which one was ours? That would be the big one.  RR’s dream fulfilled:




 We decided to go with the one that was last years’ model (for the price) and had the slide-out (for our sanity).  This way we have enough $$ to buy a lobster (yes ‘a’ lobster.  We’ll be living on mac & cheese and hot dogs for a while) in Maine next week and enough space so if it rains I won’t kill RR.  Or he won’t kill me.  OR we won’t kill Dobby.  There’s enough room for everyone’s nerves and two dogs – oh, did I mention we’re bringing the dogs?  I may have completely lost my mind.  ;o)

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31 thoughts on “We’ve been campered…

  1. You know you have to watch the long, long, trailer with Lucille Ball before you take off. Geeze, I love that silly movie.

    Everyone has to have a dream :) Have loads of fun.

  2. Have fun! Two adults, one teenager, two dogs. Well, it could be worse — you could be on a boat (smaller, surrounded by water with nowhere to walk/run/hide when things get nasty). [having said that, I should point out that my life-long dream is to buy a boat and live on it with my family for a year or two in the Caribbean. It’ll never happen, but I continue to dream . . .]

  3. Oh what fun! What are you taking along to knit? My husband and I are leaving next week for a trip to the west coast to see family. And a critical decision for me when I am traveling is – what shall I take to knit, will it be small enough to carry on the plane, it is simple enough to knit despite distractions, is it big enough to keep me busy for the whole trip, will it be explanable to the relatives. Decisions, decisions.

  4. Oh–I second the recommendation for “The Long, Long Trailer”! And also recommend you don’t decide to collect landscaping rocks on your journey….hehehe!

  5. Suhweet!!!!! We’ve had two pop-ups over the years. Sadly, we are camperless right now due to dh’s schedule, and our abhorrence for camping on the weekends. He used to work 4 on/4 off which made camping a delight.

    Love the slideouts on the sides–one is a bed, right? What is the other? Nice that you can sleep everyone without having to make one of the sofas into the bed. We camped with two adults and two kids up until the eldest was around 12. It’s fun! I loved listening to the wildlife sounds.

    Have fun!

  6. You’re gonna love it – we love ours. My DH talks about getting a smaller one? But I won’t give it up – two king size beds? We have the slide outs too, and it just gives you so much more space. I hate to tell him the next one is going to have the fold out couch, too…..Have fun in Maine!

  7. congrats! You’re bringing back pleasant childhood memories. My family had a coleman pop-up and for quite a number of years we went camping every weekend from May to October. I thnk the last time we did it as a family was the summer after my freshman year in college. Enjoy!

  8. Fantastic! Looks like a pleasant space (if perhaps it rains, which it won’t!) Enjoy your lobster (maybe if you can create a diversion you can snag another one…)

  9. It looks great! Just remember that at a camp site there is much more “living area” besides in the camper. It’ll work good as long as you don’t camp during a 4-day monsoon or the like :-)

  10. Nice, nice nice!! It’s very much like our current camper. (Is your a Jayco, too? I can’t quite tell on this monitor…) Trust me, you won’t regret the slide out for the dinette. If you ever need a few pointers on folding up in the rain, let me know – we have MUCH experience there! LOL And if you ever want to go camping with a great group of folks, I can hook you up. :)

  11. Oh NICE! I’m so jealous! We want a popup badly.
    Just wait though, eventually you’ll upgrade to a tow along with tipouts (my mom started with a teeny tiny pop up when I was in kindergarten – now has a HUGE camper with a nice sized bathroom and full kitchen! She keeps hers seasonally parked at a nice wooded campground and stays there every weekend between April and October :)

  12. Whoa! That is a big, Big camper!
    Thank goodness – because campering with a teen (congrats on the milestone Dobby!) 2 dogs etc – that is going to require some room.
    ooohhh what will you knit while you are campering?

  13. Bring lots of roving, a wheel and no needles. Sharp pointy objects combined with people in a small space could prove dangerous should it rain and you be all stuck inside together. Hope you have fun!

  14. It’s a great looking camper. Enjoy the lobster. But keep an eye out for the dogs – you might start to look tasty to them after a few hours. :-)

  15. Whipping Boy says:

    …soooo…is that my little house that i would stay in if i were to stay over your house?!!?

    (actually, this is dobby writing this, but i just thought that i would give you a nice little giggle, or laugh!!..)..(but that really is what he said!!)

  16. Oh I truly cannot WAIT to hear about all your adventures with that thing!
    Is there a special cabinet in there where one could stash some skeins?

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