We made it…

…despite showing up at the campground at 11pm and almost being turned away, being stuck in a site that was too small for the Taj (as we are calling the camper…a la Taj Mahal) two dogs that barked at just about anything that moved, three small children in the next site who would NOT shut. up. (or leave the dogs alone so THEY would shut up) and a torrential downpour halfway through the trip that wasn’t supposed to happen…we actually managed to have a good time and have pictures to show it.

SO as soon as I’m done picking up the house because we have half the world coming over for dinner tonight (since, in my family if you go to Maine you must bring back lobster to thank those you left behind to watch the teenager, pick your squash and check the mail) I’ll get the pictures up for ya’ll…but first…must clean…then to tackle the 685 unread posts in my Bloglines….

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10 thoughts on “We made it…

  1. Didn’t you warn the teenager to straighten things up before you got back? That’s what I do nearly every day I’m away ;-)

    Welcome home!

  2. You didn’t have to packup in the rain, did you? I never did get around to telling you just how to do that….

    I kinda like the lobster tradition, though.

  3. Oh my god.

    I was camping with 14 children and couldn’t handle the 3 from the next campsite over! I think it is a universal – why do people let their children ‘visit’ strangers when you are camping?

    Sounds like it might have been fun despite all the events listed. And hey – the teen was left behind? I bet she wishes she’d gone now. ;-)

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