That’s it…

…I thought I could ignore it and muddle through but I can’t.  I have a cold (a ‘cohd’ is how I’d be pronouncing it) – which I caught because I was too cheap and lazy to turn the heater on in the camper when the temps got down into the 50’s.  I can’t breathe…I’m going to bed…no pictures today (or possibly, tomorrow), I’m sorry :o(

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17 thoughts on “That’s it…

  1. Your weekend sounds like fun. At least the kind of fun I remember camping to be! :-)

    Sorry you’re sick. Have some hot soup and feel better.

  2. Hope you feel better soon. (For future reference, it’s really not THAT much to turn the heat on in the trailer…and it’s worth that little bit so you don’t feel yucky later……)

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