Back to Reality…

Reality smacked me on the forehead at about 11:28pm this evening when RR came downstairs to inform me that the TV was not working.  This, coming from the resident A/V geek, was not good.  It meant one of two things:  We need a new bedroom TV or the resident bookkeeper didn’t pay the bills on time because she was on vacation.

Thanks be to the goddess that DirecTV has automation so you can pay your overdue bill at 11:29pm and have your TV working again by 11:31pm.  Mr. CrankyPants has since gone back to bed…happy again (that it wasn’t his fault it broke).  ;o)

I promise a real post tomorrow (I started to write one but apparently I’m just tired enough to make no sense whatsoever…) in the meantime here is a cute doggie picture – guess who was VERY happy to go for a five-day R-I-D-E in the C-A-R:

Happy Dawg

This was the view over my shoulder whenever we were in the C-A-R – she got lots of minty treats for the doggie breath!  ;o)  Jazz could care – she slept in her crate most of the time…which worked out well for everyone involved since Beanie still growls at her whenever they make eye contact…*sigh*

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11 thoughts on “Back to Reality…

  1. What a cute picture! It must have been an interesting ride. Glad it was a safe trip. And isnt’ it amazing how a man cannot live without TV? lol

  2. That Reality is such a bully. She’s been beating me about the head and ears too.

    What a lovely doggy face! I’m waiting for more pix with baited breath.

  3. Hi, I’m back, you’re back, we’re both trying to catch up. I’m down to 28 bloglines posts to read. Missed everyone terribly, and so glad to hear that Beanie and Jazz are starting to sort of get along.

  4. Well, that IS a happy face!!! So much better than the leaning-toward-queasy one I get to see when Chappy’s in the car . . .

  5. Haha! I have a very hard time parting with my money-even to pay the bills! Combine that with just being generally forgetful, and I seriously need to start paying our bills online!

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