When I was a child my maternal Grandparents spent summers in a cottage on the farm owned by my paternal Grandparents – which led to some idyllic summers spent on my bicycle riding from house to house collecting cookies ;o) It also led to my maternal Grandmother creating a spring ritual with me of planting Morning Glories in a bucket outside the front door of their cottage. It was one of her favorite flowers:

Morning Glory

Morning glory in Blue

Her favorite were the blue ones so I make sure to plant some of those every year (I like the pink, myself) ;o)

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12 thoughts on “ECF…

  1. I love morning glories! I have made a pact that when we have our own place (finally) I shall plant an archway or fence with them. I adore them in ways I cannot express. Beautiful, and what a great memory you have. :)

  2. I’ve got three colors on the back fence now, pink, blue and purple. I’ve also got white moonflowers on the front step railing, crossing my fingers they’ll make it before frost. Gardening was definitely a huge draw at my paternal grandparents house and the hardest thing about moving north was leaving behind all the plants I’d gotten from Grandma including sweet bay and pine trees. Your morning glories are gorgeous!

  3. Hey jess..they really are beautiful…simple and beautiful. I love morning glories. THanks for the reminder to plant some next year!

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