I didn’t think…

…my thermometer went this high.

Holy Hot, Batman

The 100.4f number is the outdoor number, the one below it is the indoor (only the bedroom has a/c…bleh) and the numbers to the left are the humidity numbers. Oh and the little arrows in the little boxes show the trends – apparently the humidity is dropping while the temp is going up…well…at least it’ll be a dry heat… (oh and pay no attention to the dust…*ahem*) ;o) [ETA: RR says that the outside humidity thingy must be broken unless it’s actually 122% humidity which would also explain why it thinks it’s raining outside…)

However, my fancy-schmancy indoor/outdoor ‘weather center’ appears to be mistaken on the precipitation aspect since there is nary a raincloud in sight (other than the one seen over my head):

Saturday Sky 08-25-07

There you go, Sandy, in honor of your Birthday (Happy Birthday!) I’ve managed to post a picture of the sky on Saturday. ;o) (speaking of Sandy and Birthdays – she has requested a very unselfish gift this year, we should all be so generous. No, really, we should – go donate!) :o)

Knitting? What knitting? I promise, I’ll post about knitting soon…or spinning, since I seem to do that once in a while, too ;o)

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12 thoughts on “I didn’t think…

  1. Awwww, thank you, thank you and thank YOU!
    Your sky looks blazing hot. I hate it! (Unexpected, no? haha)
    I do hate the heat. And knowing that the temperature equals the temp of hades….well. Anyway.
    Thank you again!

  2. We ran errands all day and every time we stepped outside it was EVEN HOTTER. Normally I don’t mind hot in the summer but good grief Charlie Brown, after all that lovely cool now we get slapped with this? Bah humbug. (And I do think it was pretty dang humid. Can’t we get someone in Canada to leave open the fridge for a bit? ;) )

  3. It feels like a gazillion plus 3 today! And to think I was starting to round up the winter boxes to grab some sweaters just a few days ago.

  4. We got that fancy thermometer for a housewarming/Christmas present. Unfortunately, the outside part never worked, so I’m slightly jealous. I can’t wait till Fall! It’s been it the high 90’s and 100’s here too.

  5. It was disgusting here yesterday, as well. And we had another round of just nasty thunderstorm – 2 rounds in fact, last night. What is going on with the weather in the world?

  6. If it was anything in your neck of the woods like it was in mine on Saturday it might as well have been raining it was so humid. I had to use my wipers in the car because of the water on the windshield from the air!

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