No Monday Post…

…this week because I had to meet with clients in Queens yesterday – no there was no yarn shopping :o( I did get breakfast at the diner on the way and a good picture while heading out of the city, though:

The Chief Diner

NYC Sunset

Today’s post is late because I’ve been chasing around a ‘lost’ package that the sub UPS guy decided to just give to a random person yesterday and then note that it was delivered ‘cross street’. What. a. nightmare.

In other exciting news, last Monday during that refreshing cold snap we had in the Northeast I broke out the CSM to make some socks. The grand total made that day was….FOUR pairs (seriously, how cool is that?), two of which are for RR:

CSM Rainbow Socks for RR
CSM Blue/Green Socks for RR

CSM Sunset Socks
CSM Phoenix Fiberworks Socks

CSM Socks

The top two are for RR and are made out of Austermann Boot Stretch. The bottom two are for me, the Left one is Stretch, the Right one is Phoenix Fiberworks sock yarn (the one with silk…tag is long gone so I’m no help). Not bad for a days’ work, eh? ;o)

One more thing – Bloglines has their new beta version up for testing. Not sure how I feel about it yet but go check it out for yourself!

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18 Responses to “No Monday Post…”

  • Awesome new socks and so fast, too!

  • Jenn:

    Haha, I clicked the Bloglines link and got an internal server message error.

    Hot damn, that is some fast sockage!

  • I feel the same way about the UPS guy right now and lost packages. ARRRGH!

  • Beautiful socks. Gotta love the CSM!

  • Too bad you didn’t actually get into Manhattan. I might have been able to meet you for lunch. I’m so jealous of you being able to make 4 PAIRS of socks in a day! Do you have to do the toes and cast on/bind off with the machine or is everything done on the machine? I still can’t get my head around it. And I so want one, but then I remind myself how much they cost!

  • Wow, fast sockage, indeed! They look great!

    I’ll bet you could set up a handy little side business where, in exchange for some nice sock yarn, you’d knit up socks for folks…

  • Holy moley, four pairs in one day? Heels and all? That boggles the mind. (My mind, anyway.)

    Did you ever get the lost package back? :-)

  • Wow!!! I am so in awe of the CSM. I’ve been working on the same little sock since May! (Good thing it’s all about process for me!)

  • Beautiful sunset pic! Your socks are gorgeous. I can’t believe that even using CSM you can finish five pairs in one day. Very cool!

  • Joni:

    Wow, that’s an awesome pile of socks!!! I have been thinking that my next equipment purchase needed to be a drum carder, but realistically I think I would get so much more use out of a csm. You’re really tempting me! I can probably enjoy thinking about it for another year or so before I actually end up with one. :)

  • Oh the sockage! Talk about your fiber pron.

  • Hey you were in my neck of the wood the Martindale is one of my favorite diners. Four pairs of socks! Four pairs of socks! I have been working on the same pair of black socks all summer. I better start scouring e-bay with much more vengeance for one of them-there machines :)

  • The socks are awesome! Do you have the ribber figured out yet?

  • Didja wave as you went thru PA? Didja?

    Sock Machine envy – Level Orange. LOL! Beautiful socks.

    And the blue Morning Glory – so sweet. :-)

  • My gosh, these were some pretty fast socks – and amazingly beautiful too! I think I’d need a sock machine too ;) The colors are a feast for the eyes! Love your Queens-pic too!

  • Well, okay, you are right. I am a little jealous. But that’s okay, I loved seeing the pretty socks!!

  • OMG.

    I’m SO sending you some yarn to make me some…..

  • Manise:

    And here I thought you knit 4 pairs in one day, by hand! Took a moment until I came to. I forgot about your new cranking hobby! Nice job!

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