No Monday Post…

…this week because I had to meet with clients in Queens yesterday – no there was no yarn shopping :o( I did get breakfast at the diner on the way and a good picture while heading out of the city, though:

The Chief Diner

NYC Sunset

Today’s post is late because I’ve been chasing around a ‘lost’ package that the sub UPS guy decided to just give to a random person yesterday and then note that it was delivered ‘cross street’. What. a. nightmare.

In other exciting news, last Monday during that refreshing cold snap we had in the Northeast I broke out the CSM to make some socks. The grand total made that day was….FOUR pairs (seriously, how cool is that?), two of which are for RR:

CSM Rainbow Socks for RR
CSM Blue/Green Socks for RR

CSM Sunset Socks
CSM Phoenix Fiberworks Socks

CSM Socks

The top two are for RR and are made out of Austermann Boot Stretch. The bottom two are for me, the Left one is Stretch, the Right one is Phoenix Fiberworks sock yarn (the one with silk…tag is long gone so I’m no help). Not bad for a days’ work, eh? ;o)

One more thing – Bloglines has their new beta version up for testing. Not sure how I feel about it yet but go check it out for yourself!