For fans of ‘The Office’

Wondering what everybody’s been up to over the Summer? Need a quick Jim fix? Click here. You will not be disappointed ;o)

For all you knitters…I have begun a new project:

CPH - Sleeve Swatch

Behold a sleeve swatch for a Central Park Hoodie in Silky Wool – see? I DO knit something other than socks! ;op

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17 thoughts on “For fans of ‘The Office’

  1. Is that yarn really such a perfect brown, as it looks on my monitor? It’s amazing! And socks vs. sweaters, once in a while you do have to make something else. Then the socks feel more exciting all over again.

  2. What color is your CPH? You’ll be done with it WAY before you need it. Maybe Rhinebeck?

    Tom’s online right now, looking at sock machines. He can’t have THAT much golf guilt, can he?

  3. L O V E The Office. Thanks for the reminder on the new season, another 4 weeks, boo. Haven’t touched my CSM lately, new job taking up spare time A N D waiting for the cooler weather. Rhinebeck Jessie?

  4. That will look nice in the silky wool.

    Thanks for the Office fix. Is it sad to be really excited for the fall tv season to begin?

  5. Silky Wool is nice stuff. I look forward to seeing your progress on the CPH. I’m starting to be a little less obsessed in socks lately, which is a good thing.

  6. Awww, yummy yummy, this silk wool is to die for! It looks so luscious, just with seeing that pic I so want to touch it and feel it and jump into it – must be awesome to work with, and I love the calm and warm color! Looking forward to seeing more of your CPH – this is high up on my neverending “Have to knit too” list, I wonder if I’ll ever get round to cast on for it? Anyways, I can’t wait to see more of yours!

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