Labor Day…

…Weekend to us always means the Chatham Fair and good dose of hillbilly ;o) This year we went on Saturday night – which we found out later was a bigger mistake than we thought because it was tractor pull night. We were expecting the Bacon Brothers. You can imagine our surprise ;o)

We had the usual sausage grinder with a side of heartburn (RR), Gyro (me), bucket ‘o fries (shared – with vinegar), ice cream (RR), Tums (RR) and funnel cake (me) and enjoyed the sights:

Nice Socks

Roger saw these guys and said, “Nice socks!”

Monkeys in the Wild

Monkeys ‘in the wild’ – can you see them?

See?  They DO make them small!

I was so happy to see these little guys – I’ve been trying to prove to RR for months that they make small sheep! ;o)

No. Way.

You’ll never see me on one of these…vertigo issues+whirlygig thingy=puke-age ;o)

In other news: RR leaves today for a three day business trip to Denver – guess what that means? Takeout and lots of knitting! Yay!

In fibery news: Not much progress on CPH but I have been spinning (and watching Sense & Sensibility…the BBC series Robin Hood is up next).

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13 thoughts on “Labor Day…

  1. OMG, you would not get me *near* that ride! I used to have a reasonable inner ear, but not any more.

    Tomorrow is the first day of school… the most wonderful time of the year.

  2. BACON BROTHERS?? Another reason why I know I love you already! :)
    Me too on the vertigo. Just looking at that picture makes me wooz.
    Did your monkey’s get 6th place? I love all of those socks!

  3. This seems to be the perfect Labor Day weekend indeed – what a load of fun! But yep, you wouldn’t get me into that ride either, I feel dizzy just looking at it! ;)

  4. Those Bacon Brother posters all over freak out my kids, something about Kevin Bacon’s brothers eyes just doesn’t sit with them right. I did manage however to pick up a beautiful black/brown fleece from that wool room you have pictured there :)

    I’m all about the food at fairs, that’s were all my money goes.

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