It’s funny…

…how a new toy can help you ramp up the spinning production. ;o)

Or maybe it’s the absence of a family member that’s allowing me to concentrate…or perhaps the looming fiber festivals making me want to clear out the stash to make room for new…? Possibly it’s a combination of all those things ;o)

No matter the reason, I have new yarn to show you all:

Singles on the New Toy

Singles on my new Will Taylor Lazy Kate

Lazy Kate

Bird’s eye view (please ignore the ancient carpeting – no amount of vacuuming can get it 100% clean) – this kate can do up to three plies. I Navajo plied these singles so I’m not using it to its full potential but having that single coming up out of the same place really helped when I was reaching for the next length. In fact, I think I set a personal record for plying 4oz of singles. It only took me a day and a half to spin this up (I am a frustratingly slow spinner).


The finished product.

This is the July offering from the Spunky Club – 4oz of Shetland in the colorway ‘Celebration’. I managed to squeak out 232 yards of a sport/dk weight.

So, speaking of Fiber Fests – I’ll be at VT Sheep & Wool this Saturday so if you see me wandering around feel free to say, ‘hi!’ (I don’t bite…at least, I don’t unless you’re touching a fleece that I want…*cough*). I’m getting a day pass from RR since we’re going to the Lake George Car show this weekend. ;o)

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