Sock Candy…

…or Eye Candy…whatever.

I finished three pairs of socks on Wednesday this week:

Jaywalkers on the side
Jaywalkers part...

Jaywalkers – done from the toe-up with a Turkish cast-on, a Sherman heel and a picot bind-off (which I hate with the fire of a thousand suns. It looks great and all but ohman was it a bitch to pull off) in ArtYarns Ultramerino4. This is like the eleventy-millionth pair of Jaywalkers that I have knit and there is only one thing different about this pair. They fit.

It’s a freaking. miracle.

ETA: The Jaywalkers were knit by hand – not on the CSM (I wish!) and they took me weeks to finish. These were my Lake George knitting. Sorry for any confusion…

CSM socks
CSM Socks

These are a lovely design that I threw together on the CSM when I decided that this Cherry Tree Hill in ‘Earth’ deserved better than just a plain old cranked sock. With a picot hem – much easier to do on the machine. Trust me on this.

Ribbed...YES RIBBED CSM Socks
CSM Socks

Last but definitely not least we have a pair of ribbed – YES I SAID RIBBED – socks from the CSM in the lovely ‘Thistle’ colorway from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

I am so fricken happy that I managed to finally get the ribber to work on the CSM. The ‘mock’ rib just wasn’t doing it for me and damnit, I wanted ribbed socks!

So I decided that Wednesday was the day. I made that ribber my bitch. Heh. ;o)

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30 thoughts on “Sock Candy…

  1. Color me IMpressed! Honestly! They are lovely! Warm feet for chilly weather! (which reminds me of Rhinebeck. And Artichokes at Rhinebeck!)

  2. Your socks are fantabulous!

    Oh, how I WISH I had a CSM! :-) Maybe some day….. Then I’ll pick your brain of that neat ribbing method.

    Work, you bitch ribber, work! LOL

  3. I’m impressed! I didn’t know that machines could make anything other than an stockingnet stitch. You are the queen of socks. Scritches to the pooches.

  4. I must know–what’s the secret to making the Jaywalkers fit??? Is it your heel modification? I want a pair of these really badly and am beginning to despair of ever knitting one that goes over my heel without a death struggle…

  5. Lol. Good for you. Can you come over and make my ribber, my bitch? And you’re making fancy lace socks on the csm too. You are just amazing!

  6. Serously, how did you get a pair of Jaywalkers to fit? I tried 3 times and never could then them to fit right on the heel – too narrow (and I thought I had rather narrow feet)? Chelle

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