We have a winner…

Some of you think I’m a sock knitting fiend and others…well, you guys really underestimated me. ;o) hehe

I had lots of fun getting all your responses – thanks for playing! :o)

Since I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath to see the photos, here they are:



My sock basket. Both layers.

Now, here’s the thing. There are 20 matched pairs in that basket.

But there are 3 single socks. Which may or may not mean that there are 21 pairs. HOWEVER I am of the club that believe that socks should match – or at least be in the same ballpark – to be a pair.

Which means…

Jessica wins! (again! How does she do it?) Congrats, Jess! (I need to get your foot measurements)

BUT there were two people who guessed 21 (Valerie and Heide) – and I’d like them to send me their addresses too since they’ll be getting a prize. Not as cool as a pair of socks but you won’t be going away empty handed (and hopefully won’t hate me). ;o)