We have a winner…

Some of you think I’m a sock knitting fiend and others…well, you guys really underestimated me. ;o) hehe

I had lots of fun getting all your responses – thanks for playing! :o)

Since I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath to see the photos, here they are:



My sock basket. Both layers.

Now, here’s the thing. There are 20 matched pairs in that basket.

But there are 3 single socks. Which may or may not mean that there are 21 pairs. HOWEVER I am of the club that believe that socks should match – or at least be in the same ballpark – to be a pair.

Which means…

Jessica wins! (again! How does she do it?) Congrats, Jess! (I need to get your foot measurements)

BUT there were two people who guessed 21 (Valerie and Heide) – and I’d like them to send me their addresses too since they’ll be getting a prize. Not as cool as a pair of socks but you won’t be going away empty handed (and hopefully won’t hate me). ;o)

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13 thoughts on “We have a winner…

  1. I would not dream of underestimating your sockmaking capacity. What I underestimated was how many socks could fit in the basket. The initial photo led me to believe that they were folded somewhat haphazardly, rather than into those neat and compact little bundles.

    Congrats to the winners!

  2. Thank you! I am so impressed by your sock knitting. I have three pairs, but two were knitted by others. Since a CSM isn’t in my future I’d best get those needles flying.

  3. Jessalu – you make such beautiful socks! Those are just lovely. And they’re nicely displayed in the basket. What are your favorite pair you ever made?

    I enjoy knitting socks, but they go very slowly for me and I have only made a few pairs. Second sock syndrome and all of that.

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