Eye Candy…

…brought to you this week by the Hancock Shaker Village.

Antique Wheel and Natural Dyes


Round Barn

(I tried to get some sky in that last one for Sandy…) Last Friday Cynthia of Cygknit drove up from Connecticut for the annual Spinning Day at HSV. I brought Amelia out to play in the sunshine while Cyn brought her spindle – and Em (wearing the sweater I knit for him):

Cynthia Spins


How cute is he? Em is a very well behaved young man – and loves spinning! Yay! ;o)

We were joined by several other spinners who are part of a group who meets weekly in Stephentown (note to self: must go to a meeting sometime) along with a few very nice docents (one of whom owns the lovely antique wheel you see in the first picture above). All in all it was a wonderful day and great fun – Cyn and I both needed to get out of the house and this was perfect. :o)

Oh and what did I spin? I worked on my Crown Mountain Farms pin-drafted roving in ‘Amethyst’:


Have a great weekend, everybody!

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20 thoughts on “Eye Candy…

  1. I visited there once years ago and really enjoyed it. I think it’s a perfect place to have a spinning day. Sounds like you made the most of it!

  2. That place is so beautiful! and what a perfect day to sit and spin. My old neighbor is part of the Stephentown spinners and it seems like a lovely group. I have never made a meeting though – they used to be during the daytime hours.

    That sweater (and the baby) are too cute!

  3. What a delightful place to spend a free afternoon, it looks so picturesque. The sweater and baby are both adorable and as always, your spinning is beautiful.

  4. We’ve been to the HSV once on a weekend b&b jaunt. I love that round building, which as I recall has several simple and yet very clever features, like so much the Shakers did. (I don’t remember what they are, of course.)

    We’ve been to a couple of Shaker villages, actually, including the still-working one at Sabbathday Lake. I’m pretty sure it was at HSV that I first tried a drop spindle and made the standard joke about it, little knowing how standard it was.

  5. So precious – I love those Peter Rabbit buttons. Beautiful little boy.

    Wow – that is an awesome looking place you visited. Wonderful to have people to spin with and learn from.

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