…is for walking. This is a trend I’ve noticed over several blogs but I first saw this at Judy’s blog. She has a beautiful forest surrounding her so her walking is much more interesting than mine but I thought I’d give it a shot. ;o)

First I had to wrangle the dogs into their harnesses and myself into something other than yoga pants but as soon as I had that done we were off and the dogs were more than happy to see some new scenery.

Happy Dogs

I decided to go up the neighbor’s drive – they own 40ish acres behind us which are mostly untouched and they live in Maryland so they only visit once a year (if that). This makes it nice and peaceful and a perfect place to stretch your legs (we also care for the property so I have permission to be back there – no trespassing!):

Uphill Climb
The View

My favorite part of my walk? It is finally feeling more like Autumn which means I’m able to wear my hand knit socks:

Fall Favorite

Which is actually one of my favorite things this Fall.

Tell me, what are your favorite things to do this time of year?

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19 thoughts on “Wednesday…

  1. I love to walk, too. You have a very nice spot to walk and enjoy the autumn colors. This year I’m thinking of baking…apples, apple crisp and maybe a big pot of chili.

  2. Apple cider. I love to get it each week from a local orchard and taste how the flavor changes as the season progresses. We freeze half gallons of it when the owner tells us the end of cider making is in sight, but it doesn’t last long enough!

  3. Nice scenary and nice socks! Hands down my favorite thing about this time of year is hot cider. And since my mom found some tea bags that give it a mulled flavor, it’s hard to stop drinking it by the gallon!

  4. Wearing handknit socks again is also my favorite thing about fall. I wore mine last week for the first time and it felt so good!

  5. Walking through wooded areas is definately at the top of my favorite autumn activities. I also love the smell of burning leaves and the way the morning air feels. And all of the yummy food that is harvested. Heck, it’s just my favorite time of the year. Cute shoes!

  6. Wearing the handknit socks and being able to roll in my yarn without fear of it sticking to me!

    Those shoes are cute. What brand are they? :-)

  7. How nice to have access to that gorgeous property.

    If it wasn’t raining torrentially this Fall I would also be out there walking. I love crisp, cold, breath misting in the air fall mornings and evenings – ok and afternoons. My very favourite walk – on top of the first crunchy frost.

    Since it is raining, and raining, and raining I am doing my other fave. Snuggling in with my pup, a cup of tea and a great book.

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