What to say?

Pumpkin Carving - culinary student style.
You know what’s funny about these big fiber festivals? The day after ends up feeling like the day after a big holiday. You’re exhausted and have lots of new toys to play with but you can’t help but want to cry since it’s all over (but the crying) and you can’t wait until it rolls around next year.

I had a great time this year – I spent most of the day on Saturday walking around with Kelly, Katy, Blog-Free Jean and Jean’s sister who’s name completely escapes me (sorry…). We all have a lot in common, including a wicked sense of humor, so there was much laughter – especially when Jean threatened to lick a skein of yarn that we both wanted but I Rhinebeck 2007
had claimed first (it was very pretty yarn, and very lickable, trust me). ;o) Kelly and I even managed to make Jean speechless when she witnessed our speed and agility when we cleared off a vendor’s shelf in one fell swoop. What can I say? We saw the roving, loved it and grabbed it in the space of less than one second – it was pretty awesome if I do say so myself. *grin*

The blogger meetup was the chaotic group that it usually is – I got to meet Sandy and Norma this year (Sandy FINALLY received the Brian Regan DVD that I promised her about 6 months ago so I can now rest easy) and yes, Norma’s ass does look *that* good in those jeans. *evil grin*

The Meetup
I was able to talk to Deb and her Mom for a few minutes – and see the Birthday Bag that is magically invisibleMr. Cygknit
to Deb (nice stuff, Deb’s Mom!) I was also able to catch up to the usual suspects (Carole, Kathy, Beth, etc.) for a few minutes – and have a quick ‘hi!’ with Di, Cynthia and Cyn’s hubby (pictured at right – how do you like his T-Shirt? hehe) and lots of other people who I just can’t remember in the haze that was the meetup. Feel free to shout out in the comments to remind me – and I’m sorry again for my horrible memory!

Oh but I did see Jess and deliver her socks – I hope they fit!!!

I went back Sunday and walked around a little bit with Carole and blogless Sharon – I was really tired from Saturday, though so I wasn’t much company. I did get to see a few things that I didn’t get to see on Saturday because of the insanity and I did *finally* get to look at the Brooks Farm booth and Maryse’s beautiful cards (I didn’t buy any, though so I’m a terrible blogfriend. I’m hoping she’ll forgive me someday).

I also did a bit of shopping:

Dah Loot

sssshhhh…don’t tell RR. ;o)

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25 thoughts on “What to say?

  1. Damnit! I kept looking for you both days but I swear I couldn’t find you anywhere. There were a couple of people I kept missing, but I’m glad you had a good time. :)

    Can’t wait to see the stash… speaking of which, we’re doing a Flash Your Stash/Birthday party for Michelle in Catskill tomorrow night. Oscars at 6 for dinner, spinning/knitting/party at 7 at The Muddy Cup. You’re invited, though I know you hate the bridge. I’m just excited because the WHOLE GANG will be there this time. :)

  2. If what you purchased fits into those wee little bags then you’re not going to have any trouble mixing it in with existing stash. “I’ve had this for ages, dear!”

  3. It was so much fun! And it was great seeing you again, as always! But, really, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Mom wasn’t carrying anything!

  4. Yeah, I’m with Christine, but I want to see what you got? Of course, we wouldn’t dream of telling RR. Besides what they don’t know won’t hurt them is my saying!! ;-)

  5. As always, I wish I had more time with you. I really look forward to seeing what you got, though ;)

    By the way, Mr. C was worried that he’d get lynched by angry bloggers for the shirt. He was very glad you like it!

  6. It was great to meet you in person! Not only do the socks fit but the color is absolutely perfect in every way. Thank you again so very much! That was one hell of a prize (and I promise not to enter another blog contest for a long time)! :)

  7. What? Those 3 little bags? Oh please – no one will ever notice the additional fibre.

    Sounds like such a great time – I call what you are experiencing Post-Cruise Letdown, in this case Post-Fibre Letdown. It sucks. You have to go through it. But you know what helps? Fondling fibre. So I’ve heard at any rate.

    I love that pumpkin – stunning. The t-shirt is brilliant! How fun to meet so many bloggers.

    Now, when does RR leave the house long enough for you to take pictures of what’s in the bags? We wanna see!!

  8. You saw me! And vice versa. Like many encounters I had over the weekend, and like the weekend itself, it was way too brief.

    As someone said today, how many more months until SPA?

  9. Hey! Sorry I missed it! Heard there were some lovely things to be had-and mom came back with a drop spindle, even! One of these days I’ll get to join the fun…

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