If you are RR and…

…are reading this post, the first two hanks ‘o roving are mine, the rest are filler. Lent to me by fellow bloggers out of pity so I didn’t look like too much of a Rhinebeck loser ‘cuz I only bought two things.


The rest of the world? Well…you know that it’s really all mine – and soon you will know that I went a bit…overboard. There was a boatload of stuff in those ‘wee’ bags.

Here are the Saturday acquisitions:

More Brooks Farm Primero
Handpainted BFL

Merino/Silk 'Cranberry Bog'
Merino /Silk

Sheepshed goodness
Trekking for RR

Foxfire Bamboo/Superwash
Autumn House Farms Sock Yarns

Hatchdown Spindle

Here we have Brooks Farm Primero purchased in the hopes that it would match a skein of Primero purchased two years ago at Rhinebeck. It doesn’t, but it’s close enough to mix; 4oz of BFL hand-dyed by someone (the dog ate my label); 4oz of Merino/Silk in ‘Cranberry Bog’; 4oz of Merino/Silk in…? (it’s in the car and it’s raining, I’m sorry but I’m not going out there to check right now, I’ll melt!); Sheepshed Merino/Tencel in three different colorways; Two balls ‘o Trekking for RR socks (see? I can buy for others!); Foxfire superwash/bamboo; Sock yarn from Autumn House Farms AND a Hatchtown Farm spindle made of cocobolo and something else that’s pretty… ;o)

Sunday I tripped and fell into the Brooks Farm booth, possibly passed out from wool fumes, and put my plastic into intensive care:

Brooks Farm Primero

After coming to, I recovered and soldiered on to pick up a soap dispenser, mug and a skein of wool/mohair that I had been eyeing on Saturday but just couldn’t bring myself to purchase (you know, since I was being so mindful of my budget and all):

Soap and Mug
Dunno but it's mostly mohair...and pretty...

That’s it! Or at least, that’s all I’m owning up to at this time! ;o)