If you are RR and…

…are reading this post, the first two hanks ‘o roving are mine, the rest are filler. Lent to me by fellow bloggers out of pity so I didn’t look like too much of a Rhinebeck loser ‘cuz I only bought two things.


The rest of the world? Well…you know that it’s really all mine – and soon you will know that I went a bit…overboard. There was a boatload of stuff in those ‘wee’ bags.

Here are the Saturday acquisitions:

More Brooks Farm Primero
Handpainted BFL

Merino/Silk 'Cranberry Bog'
Merino /Silk

Sheepshed goodness
Trekking for RR

Foxfire Bamboo/Superwash
Autumn House Farms Sock Yarns

Hatchdown Spindle

Here we have Brooks Farm Primero purchased in the hopes that it would match a skein of Primero purchased two years ago at Rhinebeck. It doesn’t, but it’s close enough to mix; 4oz of BFL hand-dyed by someone (the dog ate my label); 4oz of Merino/Silk in ‘Cranberry Bog’; 4oz of Merino/Silk in…? (it’s in the car and it’s raining, I’m sorry but I’m not going out there to check right now, I’ll melt!); Sheepshed Merino/Tencel in three different colorways; Two balls ‘o Trekking for RR socks (see? I can buy for others!); Foxfire superwash/bamboo; Sock yarn from Autumn House Farms AND a Hatchtown Farm spindle made of cocobolo and something else that’s pretty… ;o)

Sunday I tripped and fell into the Brooks Farm booth, possibly passed out from wool fumes, and put my plastic into intensive care:

Brooks Farm Primero

After coming to, I recovered and soldiered on to pick up a soap dispenser, mug and a skein of wool/mohair that I had been eyeing on Saturday but just couldn’t bring myself to purchase (you know, since I was being so mindful of my budget and all):

Soap and Mug
Dunno but it's mostly mohair...and pretty...

That’s it! Or at least, that’s all I’m owning up to at this time! ;o)

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26 thoughts on “If you are RR and…

  1. Great haul! I almost picked up more stuff from the Fox Fire ladies but then I came to my senses. I went crazy at Cummington with them and still have not used half of it.

    Your sheepy wares remind me of the sink I wanted to get so badly! Did you see those beautiful sinks. Well, since I now live in an yucky apartment it did seem a little impractical, I did pass :)

  2. Oh yeah, I lent you all that yarn just so you wouldn’t feel bad. That’s right. Lovely, Lovely! And you’ll be very happy with the mug – mine works very well!

  3. WOW! You made some lovely selections while intoxicated with wool fumes. The mug and soap dispenser are adorable. Now it’s time to scroll back up and drool some more.

  4. Really great selections you brought back with you! I especially love the last one that is next to the cute mug and soap dispenser.
    I must say your background in the woods is so pretty!

  5. Thanks for shopping for me. ;) Since I didn’t get to enjoy, I had to live vicarioulsy through your shopping experience and it was only right that you purchase enough that I wouldn’t feel left out. Right? ;)

  6. You fell down with the credit card exposed in some pretty nice places! :) I’m kicking myself for not getting some of the Sheep Shed merino/tencel now….

  7. Oh. My. Goodness.
    I love it all! No wonder you couldn’t leave any of it behind, I mean offer it temporary storage for friends.
    But look – you didn’t forget RR.
    I love, love, love Sunday’s Brooks Farm Primero. That is a great colourway.

  8. melody says:

    Hello! I am the “mystery dyer” of the BFL! :^D
    I am, sadly, blogless… but I’m melodypants on ravelry.

    What gorgeous sock yarn! That’s a booth I need to find next year!

  9. Lovely collection of enhancement from Rhinebeck. I love that yarn from Autumn House, just beautiful.

    I love how you were sticking to the budget, but after you went back on Sunday, then you just went crazy! I felt the same way though at NHS&W. At first Ithought I wouldn’t buy something and then thought I may never come back, so I might as well buy what I like, right?

  10. It’s so sad that you had to dig into your stash and pretend that it’s Rhinebeck stuff. ;-)

    Everything is so beautiful. Even that spindle – which I would have bought just to touch it and look at it.

    The fumes. The FUMES! LMAO!

  11. What color Brooks Farm Primero are you looking for?? I have a hank from Estes Park (two years ago) that looks really close to the one you just bought.

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