I was holding out…

…on you. I didn’t show you guys all of my Rhinebeck photos the other day because I felt that some of them were more fitting for my ECF post.

Behold! Autumn color a la Rhinebeck!

Autumn Color 1

Autumn Color 2

Autumn Color 3

Autumn Color 4

ETA: I just found this while going through my Bloglines (WHY I stick with them is beyond me since they don’t pick up my feed half the time and I have to ping them…ANYWAY), Google has set up a donation page for those of us who would like to donate to either the Red Cross or the Salvation Army to help with relief/recovery efforts in the California fires.

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12 thoughts on “I was holding out…

  1. I bought some sock yarn from Spirit Trail in just those colors, faboo! Oh and give Google Reader a try, I’ve been fairly happy with the switch. You can import your feeds from Bloglines so it’s easy peasy and I love the “next” button which makes it ever so much easier to comment.

  2. OMG! We never get colors to that extint on the west coast due to all of the deciduous trees. How gorgeous. It makes me want to go dye something.

  3. I second Julie’s suggestion for Google Reader. I switched awhile ago when bloglines went all wackadoo and was down more than it was up, and I absolutely love the next button!

    Beautiful pictures!

  4. Now you tell me! The husband has been saying it would be too early but if it’s like that during Rhinebeck, it might be a good excuse to go next time.

  5. Wasn’t it a beautiful weekend? I just read your last post and you have no idea how close I was to buying that sheep mug. It nearly made it’s way into my bag!

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