A Road Trip and some Spinning…

First let me say one thing. YAY SOX!!!!

Okay I’m done.

Last Monday, RR had a day off so we decided to take a short day trip to Vermont for apples, possibly some wine and to see the views:

No Parking



I know, more autumn color, are you guys sick of it yet? …moving on.

I also wanted to share a photo from the Fire Department’s Steak Dinner that took place last Sunday:

Hotties at the Steak Dinner ;o)

(the guy on the Left is RR) …finally, I did a bit of spinning this weekend:

Spinning !

That’s it for now! Hope you all had a great weekend!

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21 thoughts on “A Road Trip and some Spinning…

  1. Yay Sox indeed! :) And who could get sick of all that color. Beautiful! (NJ so sucks when it comes to color this time of year.) The spinning looks yummy!

    P.S. Forgot to mention to you that I wore my socks this weekend and besides totally loving them myself, the boy thinks I need CSM now so he can get more socks! :)

  2. Sick of autumn colour? No chance. We aren’t really getting any here because it is raining every day and the leaves are just going grey and falling into a pile of ick.

    Anyways…your spinning looks great. We have seriously, seriously got to get our wheel fixed. We haven’t used it yet!

  3. What lovely pictures. Is that your car? If that’s your car can I come visit and can we go yarn shopping in the car? Did you really spit on Betty’s house? Hello to RR and his brethren.

  4. We NEVER Get sick of fall colors. In fact, here in Missouri, we are having blah colors because of a late spring freeze that thwarted the colors. I love seeing yours!

  5. Can’t really cheer the Sox, being in Colorado and all. But those pictures are beautiful. I’m not sick of the fall colors at all!

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