The Birthday…

…went off without a hitch. Here is a photo of Dobby blowing out her profiterole ‘cake’:

Birthday !

and the dogs enjoying their own birthday treat (Jazz’ first time with Frosty Paws!):

Doggies like birthdays, too!

Thank you all for your birthday wishes! They made Dobby’s day! :o)

Up next, a Saturday visitor who got to go home with socks!

Oh and I have a question – is anyone else’s ass getting kicked by Daylight Savings Time? *sigh*

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18 thoughts on “The Birthday…

  1. Time switches are ridiculous. I know the arguments about saving energy, blah, blah, blah… but really. We either turn the lights on at night or we turn them on in the morning during the winter and in the summer we don’t need much in the way of heat or lights.

    Oooh, a visitor with socks to go! Cool.

    Dobby’s dessert looks yummy.

  2. Belated best wishes Dobby! (the 1st or the 2nd? mine was just on the 1st) Love your cake – that looks so yummy.

    Don’t even get me started on Daylight Savings. It was a real b*tch today – it was so nice and sunny and normally we would take our school aged kids outside to play after snack but by then we had to have all the lights on in our building. So we had rowdy kids inside – something you expect when it is awful out (it does rain here a lot) but is a pain when it was so beautiful.

    Oh – and I am tiiiiired! I thought the ‘gained’ hour would be good. It made no difference.

  3. This time change has had no effect on me, but the one in the spring really handed me my butt on a platter. I felt “off” for days. I’m curious as to whether or not this is actually doing anything energy-wise, you know?

    We make Rufus lick Frosty Paws right out of the cup because if we put it in a bowl, he’ll eat it in 5 seconds. I’ve been told dogs don’t get head freeze headaches. But we still make him lick it out of the cup. I’m all, “You’re going to savor this and you’re going to like it.”

  4. Love the “cake” and am glad Dobby had a great party.

    My dog growing up was a fiend for the Frosty Paws. Looks like yours are, too. Oh, and the time change is kicking my butt a bit, but wreaking utter havoc on the baby’s schedule. Uck.

  5. A belated happy birthday to Dobby! I’m not letting Miss B see that profiterole contraption, or she’ll be wanting one too.

    Sunday I forgot to reset my clock, so when the alarm went off an hour early I just set it forward an hour and went happily back to sleep. This morning, you guessed it, having reset the clock but not the alarm I kept Taz’s poor driver and van mates waiting about 10 minutes while I got him ready as fast as I could.

  6. I’m glad she had a great birthday.

    Day light savings time sucks! My yongest son like to get up aroung 5:30 in the morning. No matter what time I put him to be bed he still gets up at the same time. Now with the time change he’s been getting up at 4:30 and I can’t get him to go back to sleep.

  7. I hate the time change!!!!! My dogs hate it too, lol. Put it somewhere and leave it, will ya?! I read somewhere the other day that “they’re” doing a study to see how the time change effects people’s health. duh, why don’t they ask some of us I could use a couple of those bucks they’re gonna spend…

  8. Profiterole cake, yum! She has good taste. :-) And congrats to you for raising her to reach this milestone year!

    I do much better with the fall time change than I do with the spring one. But I really hate walking home from the train in pitch-blackness. Not fun.

  9. Um, not just yes but heck yes! Between it being dark by the time I get home at night, to a baby who doesn’t seem to get that the time has changed…

    Happy belated birthday wishes!

  10. Yay! par-ty! Hope it was fab.

    Love getting up with the sun, hate that the sun goes down when I am eating lunch…how do those people in the arctic circle do it?!?

  11. I’m glad the party went well, and whoo hoo, what a cake. I actually don’t mind the fall change – like others here. For me, it tends to signal my internal shift towards wintry feelings, and I love winter. I don’t like the spring change, and as others have mentioned, my body gets really messed up. I went to the wikipedia entry for DST and it seems the whole thing was spurred on by commercial and leisurely interests. Of course it is typical that businesses want everybody to change their lives around so they can earn a few extra bucks. *sigh*

  12. It looks like she enjoyed it. Wow, what a cake!
    I hate this time change thing. I loved living in Hawaii (not just because it was Hawaii…but also because they do not participate in the whole time change thing)…and I too feel like I am dragging. We have company coming this week too…hope I wake up and get over the blahs by then.

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