One more…

…Birthday and then I’ll stop for a while, I promise!

Today is a most auspicious day. A day that will live in the hearts and minds of us all. A day that is more important than any other day all year – okay except maybe Christmas. Or Easter, that’s a pretty important day too. Oh and Thanksgiving, that’s up there on the list…or Arbor Day, that’s a day we shouldn’t forget or let pass by without at least one ‘Happy Arbor Day!’ you know, or all the Arbors will be hurt.

Wait. Where was I?

Oh yeah, Birthdays…

Today is RR’s, so I’m asking you all to join me in a nice round of well-wishes – the more the merrier since, you know, the blog has kind of taken away some of our ‘us’ time which has, at times, led to a cranky RR… ;o)


Happy Birthday! Love you – and don’t ever grow up, k? ;o)

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32 thoughts on “One more…

  1. Happy Birthday Roger! May you learn to love sheep as much as your wife does. Well, maybe not as much as your wife does ’cause then it might get kinky, but you know… a LOT. Lots of love for Roger AND sheep. Huzzah!

  2. Happy Birthday RR! May this year bring you boundless joy. I mean it already brought you a new puppy and there isn’t much that can compete with that kind of joy! :)

  3. Could this be why it’s such a great sunshiny day today? Happy Birthday RR! It was so nice finally meeting you – you know, before you were officially an old man :P

  4. RR says:

    Ha thanks to all of you ….and I hope you all will agree when
    I say growing old is inevitable but growing up is an option that I’m just not willing to accept just yet .. thanks again …. gotta go wax the sleds !!! (after I jump in the leaves) ;-)

  5. Happy (belated) birthday, RR! And thanks for the memory of summers past, the hope of summers yet to come. (I can say for winter that it’s nice stay-home-and-knit weather.)

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