Here’s your chance…

to get in on the PIF goodness.

The latest craze to hit the blogosphere – Pay it Forward. I got in on it through Bev and now here I am posting to offer to PIF to the first three people to leave a comment on this post requesting to be a recipient of a piece of handcrafted goodness made by yours truly. I can’t promise you’ll get it quickly but I can promise you’ll get it within the next 6 months (if I say 365 days like others have, you guys will be waiting for a looong time since I’m the Queen of Procrastination (and RR is my King)).

The only catch is that you have to post this same pledge on your own blogs – so those that remain blogless cannot participate (sorry guys).

So what are you waiting for? You might get handspun if yer lucky! ;o)

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7 thoughts on “Here’s your chance…

  1. I want your handspun! Darn it! Drat! Double drat! But there is no way I’m signing up again (signed up with Norma) no matter what you dangle in front of my nose.

    It’s such a cool concept and it seems like it’s going to be good fun.

  2. I signed up for this during the summer with someone… I can’t remember now if I’m supposed to wait for her to send something or if I just pick three people and spread the love early. I am such a dingbat.

  3. Oooh Oooh Oooh! I would love to join PIF. I’ve been just a smidge too late on all of my attempts to join. I happen to love that movie too so I think doing it in the blog world is a great idea.

  4. Damn! I missed out again. lol Does PIF count if you send people things just because you feel like it? ‘Cause I do that frequently. lol

  5. Already signed up for PIF (yesterday, in fact), but posting here in case there’s anyone who wants to participate who hasn’t found a place to sign up — I still have two spots open for recipients/participants.

    Have fun with it! I know I’m going to . . .

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