Christmas has landed…

…at chez ‘Lu. The tree is up and the dogs have been decorated:

Xmess Tree Chez 'Lu 2007

The tree – we went with LED lights this year, I’m not sure how I feel about it yet but I do feel good about the energy savings (and finding the lights on sale half price).

As for the dogs, we tried to get a picture of them both together, you can imagine how well THAT went. Even better, I can show you:

It's like herding cats

um yeah, they don’t do close quarters well…yet. Yes, Beanie is trying desperately to get the wreath off of herself. *sigh*

We did get individual photos done (sort-of):

Beanie asks...

Beanie asks, “does this wreath make my hips look big?”

Jazz is pissed...

…and Jazz is just pissed. Something tells me she doesn’t want to be an elf.

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29 thoughts on “Christmas has landed…

  1. Oh my goodness! That picture of Jazz made milk come out my nose. Not a great way to end a evening :) You all better sleep with the lights on and one eye open, you know, just in case looks could kill :P

  2. LMAO Oh my GOD I just snorted and almost choked at the same time. Seriously… that picture of Jazz is PERFECT for a holiday card! You should make your own this year. :)

    Thanks for starting my first day of (possible) Grand Jury duty off right!

  3. My God, you dressed the dogs. You are either very brave or very reckless.

    I really think you should send the picture of Jazz out as your Christmas card.

  4. Your beautiful tree picture is overshadowed by the hilarity of Jazz the Elf. If she was on a card the inside would read, “Happy Freakin’ Holidays”. I wanna dress up my cats now. Cheers!

  5. Regarding Jazz: I guess you got her back for chewing up your LL Bean slipper the other day, huh?

    What kind of dogs are those two? They are darling.

  6. Oh my! They are SO cute [like tiny Rottis]! The last photo cracked me up! Thanks for a much needed laugh.
    [Your tree is beautiful, btw.]

  7. That’s one angry looking dog… but I have to say one cute elf! My mom got the LED lights for her tree this year. I think the blue tint is what’s throwing you off. It doesn’t have the warm feel of the yellow lights. But hey, you’re saving energy and they don’t put off any heat so you don’t have to worry about burning down the house!

  8. Somehow there’s nothing cuter than a ticked-off elf. Should I try it with my cats… nah, can’t afford reconstructive surgery.

  9. o my frickin gawd, I love Jazz. Oh the indignity!

    Why is it our puppies say so little, yet can express so much? Its gotta be some kind of K9-mind trick.

  10. Gawd, what is it with people and their need to decorate dogs? Aren’t we good enough in our naked form?

    With much sympathy,
    Bella, professional dachshund

  11. Your tree is beautiful! But OMG, the dog pics are freekin’ hilarious. Especially the last one! That is totally the “I will kill you in your sleep you damn human!” look! :)

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