Down to the Wire…

…well, we’re getting close! One of those nauseating jewelry commercials (sorry but I have issues with those) announced this morning that ‘there’s only FIVE shopping days left ’til Christmas!’

I’m excited, I like Christmas (or Xmess as I’ve called it over the past few years on the blog), I like our tree this year and I’m pretty confident in my gifts to RR and Dobby.

My one hand knitted gift, however, is giving me headaches. Maybe it’s because it’s my first flat oblong item in a looong time, maybe it’s because I absolutely love the yarn and don’t want to give it away (selfish, I know), whatever it is, I’m not exactly loving the process of this one. It’s taking for-freaking-ever!

And, because it’s a gift for someone who may or may not read the blog, I can’t exactly show you a picture of it. Sucks, eh?

I can, however, show you a picture of my favorite Holiday mug:

My Favorite Holiday Mug

A post over at Judy’s got me to thinking – and wondering – do our readers/blogfriends have favorite Holiday mugs of their own? If you do, post a picture and let me know! I’d love to see them!

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7 thoughts on “Down to the Wire…

  1. I don’t have any Christmas mugs, but my parents have a set of Christmas glasses that I love, it’s a set of “12 Days of Christmas” drinking glasses. Love!

    The jewelery commercials are always nauseating, but they are extra bad between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. We have to get my engagement ring inspected in February and August and we always wait until after Valentine’s Day, otherwise salesmen pounce on my husband and insist that I neeeeeeed expensive jewelry. The only thing worse than jewelry commercials during Christmas is car commercials during Christmas.

    I’m sorry your knitting is being a pain in the arse. But it will be before you know it, I hope!

  2. Cute Mug! I hope your finishd knitting soon so you can move on to somthing more enjoyable. I’m sure it may hurt to give up now but once you see the look on their face it’ll be worth it.

  3. Maybe the project will go faster if you buy the same yarn for yourself! You know you deserve it.

    I’ve got a lot of favorite mugs so I’ll post a few over the weekend. Yours is a great mug (ha ha).

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