Hey Bloglines! Vengeance…

…is hers. Jazz decided that Santa was to pay my debt for ‘The Great Canine Humiliation of 2007″


Oh well, at least he gave her a (small) tummyache (she’s better now – 30+ year old Play Dough is hard to digest). ;o)

This is my ECF for the week – have a great weekend, everyone!

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12 thoughts on “Hey Bloglines! Vengeance…

  1. Jazz is so cute. I clicked back over to see her again. Cracks me up how she looks in that hat. Yep, she was paying you back.LOL Happy to hear she’s ok.

  2. Oh, you silly human! This is just the beginning of paybacks for Jazz’s humiliation. Now she has to pay you back for both the elf ears/hat AND for displaying a 10 year old salt dough ornament that made her tummy hurt. I’d hide the Christmas presents if I were you!

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