Welcome to…

…2008. :o)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a lovely New Year! I can’t wait to catch up on my RSS feeds to see what you all have been up to over the past week.

In the meantime, let me tell you all what I’ve been up to (and yes, there’s actual knitting in this post – brace yourselves) ;o)

Christmas was pretty quiet, my Mom and Dad were here along with our old roommate Dave (aka ‘Uncle’ Dave) and RR’s Dad came over on Christmas Day. We exchanged gifts (WAIT ’til you see what Dad made for me – it’ll be a bit since I have to knit some lace first) and had an amazingly good tenderloin cooked by RR and Dave. Dobby spent the day with Whipping Boy and his ‘rents because her worthless *ahem* father had ‘other’ plans (aka ‘new girlfriend’). I received the usual mixture of technology (a red Nano!**) and fibery stuff (Sock blockers and a lace blocking frame made by Dad!) and RR was gifted with what he wanted most in the world – an indoor R/C Helicopter – that he went and made the mistake of letting me drive. Carnage ensued:

Carnage ...

Good thing I bought replacement blades…

Dobby’s ‘big’ gift was a new stereo for her car that controls her iPod. She had to work Christmas Eve so while she was at work, RR made a visit to her car and installed it for her (he was a car stereo installer in another life). We stuck a big bow on it so she wouldn’t miss it and she must have found it right away since she called to thank us when she got out of work. ;o) We wanted to surprise her on Christmas morning, but it would have been hard for her to miss RR’s absence on Christmas eve while he did the install in the driveway!

New Years was quiet – RR and I watched the ball drop and then waited for Dobby to call to let us know she had gotten to her Grandparents safely. At 2am I gave up and called – she got there on time and safely, but forgot to call. grrrr


I showed you guys the yarn I spun from the silk/merino purchased at Rhinebeck – but I didn’t show you the finished product because it is a gift for a family friend. I was afraid that she would see it on the blog before receiving it – and she still hasn’t received it but I can’t wait anymore. Right now she’s battling the flu and won’t be near a computer ’til she gets the gift so I feel somewhat safe in sharing it now.

All Wrapped Up...

oh you want to SEE it? hehehe

Corrugator Scarf

Project Details:

Project Notes for Corrugator Scarf

I seriously love this scarf – and don’t want to give it away! However, when I showed my friend what I had purchased at Rhinebeck this year, she fell in love with the fiber and pronounced it perfect for a scarf. How could I not comply? ;o)

Okay, one more picture:

Corrugator Up Close

In other knitting news…oh this has gone on long enough. I don’t want this post to be too big! I’ll be back to let you know about my progress with the CPH I’ve been working on forever.

OH and don’t forget! The Complete Jane Austen starts on PBS January 13th! (For those fans of Bronte – Jane Eyre began on December 30th and will air the 2nd and final part on January 6th)

**The Zen that RR gave me for Christmas last year went and bricked itself a few weeks ago. A month after the warrantee expired. For its replacement I decided to go with a flash based mp3 player in the hopes that the memory will last longer than one with a hard drive.

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19 thoughts on “Welcome to…

  1. What a great surprise for Dobby – and a fun way to give it to her!

    Sounds like you had a great holiday season. :-)

    Thank you so much for the Jane Austen reminder. I only got to see half of Jane Eyre the other night – but what I did see was quite good.

    The scarf looks so soft and squishy. Love the personal label.

  2. Happy New Year! Can’t wait to see the lace frame though I guess I won’t need one in this lifetime ;-)

    Remind me not to let you play with my toys!

  3. Happy New Year Jess! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Your scarf came out great! I don’t blame you for not wanting to give it away.

  4. It is always a toss up between the large size of the hard drive and the greater stability of the flash players. DH had an early hard drive one and it went caput. Fortunately it lasted and a fair bit and he was able to swap hard drives in it. But I suspect you’ll enjoy your Nano. I love my 1st generation one.

    Sounds like a fantastic holiday!

  5. Sounds like you had a great holiday and how great of your dad to make you a lace blocker.

    The scarf is gorgeous, what a great friend you are!

  6. Wow, it sounds like you really must have been good this year! It’s too bad that the ‘copter crashed. My middle daughter has one of these and she loves it. Hers has rubber rotors though so they bend pretty far and luckily haven’t broken yet. I love your squishy scarf.

  7. I’m glad to hear you had a good holiday! And the scarf is lovely, I can completely understand why you wanted to keep it!

  8. Sounds like a great holiday was had by all. Can’t wait to see the lace blocker your Dad built you. Sounds way cool! And the scarf is totally gorgeous!

  9. I’m so excited about The Complete Jane Austin! I’ve been TiVo-ing Masterpiece theater for two months just to make sure I don’t miss it!

    The scarf is gorgeous I love the way the colors striped so evenly!

  10. Gorgeous color for the scarf! Thanks for the tip on the PBS schedule, I Masterpiece Theater! Have you ever seen Therese Racquin? Love your falling snowflakes, how did you do that?

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