As Promised…

Sleeve Closeup...
…an update.

I cast on for the Central Park Hoodie (aka CPH) in August with a grandiose plan of knitting it in the round and steeking it. I even had how many stitches I needed to cast on all figured out and had both sleeves mostly knit within two weeks (the first sleeve was a gauge swatch and the second was knit right away so there wasn’t much of a difference and I could remember what I did) Then came the time to cast on for the body.

…and I was frightened.

I managed to psych myself out. I’ve never steeked anything in my life – let alone a cardigan that was originally designed to be knit in pieces and sewn together. I’ve changed pullovers from sewn pieces to knit in the round with no problem but this? I was frozen in indecision and fear.

Yep, I was afraid of my knitting. Even worse, I let the knitting win. After letting the two sleeves hang around for four months with nothing happening on the body I decided to hell with it. I cast on for the back. I do feel good about this decision since a) at least I’m knitting SOMETHING and b) I’m thinking that having the seams will probably give the sweater some much needed structure. There’s nothing worse than a limp cardigan. ;o)

At this point, I decided that I needed to come clean to the blog with my neglected WIP so I tried to find the sleeves. I found one.

Just one.

This led to frantic searches of the fiber room (yeah…it’s a room now. Not just a closet. What of it?!), frantic searches of my office and frantic searches of pretty much every other room in the house except for Dobby’s – I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t lift an unfinished sleeve. Shampoo or conditioner possibly, makeup definitely but knitting? No way. So, since I couldn’t find both sleeves I thought I’d be showing you this:

One Sleeve...

All the while swearing that there were two in existence – I just couldn’t find one. (and I’m pretty sure that a couple of you wouldn’t have believed me, hehehe)

Then, I remembered one last basket in the office – and there it was:

Two Sleeves...

Yay! It’s always in the last place you looked, right? ;o)

Where am I at now? The two sleeves you see above and about three inches of ribbing on the back.

There isn’t much done on the body since I’ve been a bit distracted to knit these past few days…sorry. Tax season is upon me. In case you’re new to this here blog, I’m a bookkeeper and this is my ‘busy’ season. Oh yeah and taxes. suck. The highlight of the 2007 season so far (I know, I’m all of one week into this nightmare and it’s beginning already…)? Being informed by one client who hasn’t given me a monthly expense report since JULY that he wishes to have all his information to the accountant by Wednesday. Yes, THIS Wednesday. Apparently he is under the impression that I can prepare this information via OSMOSIS. Grrrrr.

ANYway, I’ll probably be even more distracted since I’ll be participating in NaSpiMoMo – the brainchild of Margene (Carole made the button and is helping her with the running of the Ravelry group n stuff). This is such a simple ‘along – no prizes, no contests, just spin as much as you can in January. I think I can manage to stick to that. ;o)

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17 thoughts on “As Promised…

  1. ::: thud ::: Do I have the right blog? What did you do to Jess? We haven’t seen one of those for a long time ;-)

    Steeks are not so scary but that doesn’t mean every garment benefits from having them.

  2. Best of luck with the CPH. If you want, you can pick my brain, I don’t remember all the details from when I knit it, but the brain is up for open grabs. I found the seaming to be pretty painless, once I invested in some Knit Klips.

    As for the client, I hope you charge him thrice your general rate. He sort of earned it ;)

  3. I completely understand the sucky part. Oh, and have you seen any pictures of the sweater I started in Jan. 07 or Sept. 07 popping up on my blog? ;)

  4. I’m glad you found the missing sleeve! There’s no shame in just knitting a sweater without doing something different from the pattern. At the end you’ll still have a lovely sweater.

  5. Welcome to my world. The world in which everything is lost, at least for a little bit :) I love that sweater and one day I may even knit it – until then…..

    Best of luck with tax time. Can’t wait to hear some interesting stories I know you’ll have in a bit :)

  6. An unfortunate steeking adventure convinced me that Fair Isle knitting would ONLY be done in pull over sweaters. Just think, with this much of your sweater already done you’ll have one of, if not your first, FO of 2008 be something really big. Love the brown.

  7. Are taxes due sooner in the US?
    That guy needs to pay through the nose! Ridiculous.

    Glad you found the other sleeve – the sleeves look great. I really like that colour. I’m afraid of steeks too. I was checking out a great Kauni online and checked out the pattern — it was so bare bones I was nervous before I got to the bit about steeks!

  8. K3 says:

    My condolences on entering tax season – same for me. While I am on the ‘accountant’ side of things, requesting info from you this early and that quick is IMPOSSIBLE.

    This is my last tax season! I mean it this time! Again!

    There’s something almost disturbing about that picture with the 2 sleeves…

  9. Oh I’m so glad you found the sleeve. Your CPH is gorgeous. Love the color. You will get it done when it’s done and it will be great.

    Chin up during this busy tax season. I can’t even imagine doing that job. It’s bad enough with me just having my accountant do it. I hate to even go!!! But you’ll get through it. Courage, Jessalu

  10. So glad you found the second sleeve! Sometimes projects just have to marinate for a while. :) Good luck with tax season. Sounds like it’s already shaping up to be a gem. :-P Can’t wait to see what your spinning for NaSpiMoMo too. :)

  11. I got a call from a former employee’s girlfriend last night asking if the W-2s were ready.

    I couldn’t even imagine what she was talking about. Oh yeah, tax season, January. Already?

    Love the CPH. Keep us posted.

  12. Ooh, I don’t think I knew that you were an bookkeeper in “real life”. (And I have always liked that word because of all the double letters in it, heh.)

    Anyway, I hope you have better luck with your CPH than I did with mine. I’m still trying to make mine fit properly…

  13. Gah, don’t you just hate when that happens. All that work looking for a sleeve? But you found it, and that’s a good thing. Seaming isn’t always my favorite, but I will do it. I think you’ll be happier to just get CPH done and then you can have a sweater for this winter. Go you!!

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