There’s an end?

I’ve been using the wonderful ‘next’ feature on Google Reader to get caught up on my RSS feeds (makes it easier for me to leave a comment since the page is already loaded and in my face so no procrastinating – although leaving a comment in Blogger is still a PITA since they use a secure connection which isn’t so fast with satellite internet…but anyway). I knew I was doing pretty good with the catching up but I guess I was doing better than I thought since apparently I have read everything there is to read as of 1pm today because this is what I saw the last time I clicked my ‘next’ button:

Congratulations, you’ve reached the End of the Internet .

Woohoo! I guess I can go work some more on this:

A Grinchy Beginning

I know it doesn’t look like much but there are only so many hours in the day!

Or I could cast on with one of these:

An Armful

I tripped and fell at The Loopy Ewe and completely lost control of my credit card on the ShibuiKnits page…oopsies!

Or I owe my Aunt two pairs of socks so I could work on those…

…or I could just go back to work.


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18 thoughts on “There’s an end?

  1. I was just drooling over that yarn over at Ravelry! I’m not usually a big fan of goldish colors but that Honey colorway…love it!

  2. That Shibui sock yarn is wonderful and the I love the colors you chose! I’d probably ditch the work and the spinning and dive into one of those skeins!

  3. Love the Google reader and use Next all the time. I agree, who knew there was an End of the Internet?? :)

    Yes, cast on the pinkish one!!! So pretty.

  4. If you’re going to trip and fall, there’s nothing better to fall into than yarn. It looks TOTALLY worth it.

    Socks. Make more socks.

  5. Oh! And you lead me to the neatest stuff! Thanks for the tip on Google Reader. It’s so much better than Bloglines. Got anything else?

    I’m laughing because you’re reading the Rachel Morgan books, too.

  6. hahahah…
    that was good. love the explanation for the yarn purchase. hmmm…wonder if i could use this one. i will definitely check out the google reader…bloglines hates me these days.

  7. I have this yarn on my list! These colors so vivid! I can’t wait to see how a pair of socks look knitted up in one of these skeins. So hard to resist:)

  8. It’s a good thing for the health of my wallet and my marriage that I didn’t see this until it was all gone. Happy dithering!

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