She’s Lucky She’s Cute…

…and no, I’m not talking about Dobby. Let me start from the beginning. Last week, this is where I was on the CPH:


Please note in the back of the photo that the working yarn is tucked nicely into a plastic bag. At that time, Jazz still had her elizabethan collar on from getting spayed (no, I didn’t take a picture. I know, shameful lapse on my part – but she was just too pitiful and I just couldn’t exploit it. I know, I suck, I’m sorry. ;o) ). She couldn’t chew on anything because she couldn’t reach it to get purchase. (Smart doggie figured out that if she tucked her chew bone between the couch cushions she could chew away. My couch will never be the same) She had the collar taken off on Friday and has been bouncing off the walls since. I worked on the back portion all week and managed to reach the arm decreases Sunday night while watching Northanger Abbey. At this point, I was at a new ball of yarn. I didn’t tuck it into the plastic bag since I thought it would be safe in my knitting basket. Monday, RR and I had a few errands to run so we left the dogs (and my knitting) in Dobby’s capable hands. When we got home I was greeted with this sight:


The note says, “Jazz got into your yarn while I was in the shower – I left it here because I didn’t know what to do!” (smart kid, eh?) Thank God she only chewed the yarn ball (apparently they have good ‘mouth feel’ – this isn’t the first time she’s done this) and left the knitting alone. It probably saved her life:

CPH 2 - One Week Later

I’ve been carefully pulling lengths from the mess to knit and it’s working so far. What have I done to correct this ‘mouth feel’ issue? Well, since I found a somewhat molested hank of BFL on the couch last night, I guess the baby gate will be a permanent fixture on the door to the fiber room. *sigh* In other fiberey news, I’ve finished the ‘Grinchy’ yarn that I showed you last week:

'Grinchy '

4oz of BFL from Spunky Eclectic = 275 yds of sport-ish weight 3ply

Yes, the green is as electric as it looks – kind of retina-burning in fact – but it works well with the pink.

…and in even MORE fibery news, I used one skein of the Shibui Sock in ‘Honey’ to create a pair of socks on the CSM for my Aunt:

Shibui CSM Socks

Nice and simple. She says wool makes her itch but I refuse to believe it until she’s tried these. She’s never had hand-knit socks (or cranked socks) before and as far as I’m concerned, there is nothing like merino on your feet (unless it’s cashmere – or silk). ;o)

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18 thoughts on “She’s Lucky She’s Cute…

  1. I love these socks! I know, I hear folks say that wool makes them itch and maybe up against the face, neck and body sure but not ever a pair of merino socks:) She is sure to love these. Great colorway.

  2. I love Dobby’s presence of mind to leave the crime scene undisturbed with a brief note. Your spinning is beautiful and looks like you did a chain or Navaho ply. I watched Northanger Abbey, but the character in this book has never been amongst my favorite of Austen’s. Still, I’m immensely enjoying the series and it’s nice to have something to look forward to watching. Love the honey colored socks.

  3. Lucky Yarn, lucky pup. You’ve knit quite a bit on the CPH. Got dd into wastching Masterpiece Theater.:) I’ve been hunting for a sweater to knit for SPA , are you going?

  4. Whew, glad to hear Jazz didn’t destroy the knitting. My very first finished knitted project was destroyed by the beast that is currently sitting behind me. I was devastated. He was lucky I didn’t disown him ;). I cut him a break since he was a puppy back then.

    You did a great job with the grinchy yarn.

    My husband says wool makes him itch. However he seems to not have this issue with the socks I’ve made him because he wears them often. I bet your Aunt will love her socks to.

  5. It looks like you made an excellent save, though–from the last picture, I can’t tell that anything tragic ever happened to the yarn. :-)

    Grinchy looks great, too! I think I can feel a bit of pink-and-green coming on as well. Longing for spring, you know…

  6. Ack! Silly dog. I love how the yarn was right beside her chew bone; maybe it was all an accident.

    I loved Northanger Abbey – it was much funnier than I expected never having read or seen it before.

    Your Aunt is in for a great surprise.

  7. I see you have your ribber working again. Yay. I’ll bet your Aunt loves her new socks.

    I think leaving the gate up is best for both of your sakes.
    Love the fiber! I like the bright colors a lot.

  8. Hopefully Jazz doesn’t hop over the baby gate to get to the fiber that she seems to be attracted too.
    Lovely socks and Grinchy yarn!

  9. I don’t know what it is about yarn the dogs love so much. Gabby used to get into it all the time when she was a puppy. At least it was the skein and not the sweater.

    I love those colors, kind of reminds me of sherbet. The socks are great too!

  10. Yikes, it’s a good thing she’s cute, huh? I’m glad she didn’t get to the knitting. That would be a very bad thing.

    The new socks look great.

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