That Screeching Noise You Hear?

That would be me. Screaming. In anguish.

I had the back done on the CPH. Done. As in ‘did the bind offs for the shoulders’ done. Then I realized that I had too many live stitches to put on a holder.

I looked at the beautiful, almost complete, evenly knit piece I had before me and had a head-banging-into-a-brick-wall moment. When I began the decreases for the arms? I only bound off 4 stitches to make the armhole, not 8.

I had to rip back 9 inches of knitting.

No, really. I did. I tried to figure out some way to fix it without having to rip but I just couldn’t wrap my brain around making knit stitches disappear into thin air. I’m pretty sure it can’t be done. If it can? Don’t tell me.


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22 thoughts on “That Screeching Noise You Hear?

  1. Damn! i wonder if all of the frogged stitches of the universe were placed together how far they would reach. I know that I would have contributed my fair share to the amphibian super-stitch highway. Knitting is fun though and you didn’t really want to finish too soon.

  2. Argh! I’ve got to believe that it will all be worth it in the end, to have a sweater that you will be happy with and proud to wear!

  3. It totally sucks, but it could happen to anyone.

    I bagged a Samus (much less intense than a CPH, but still), when I discovered that one front side was 9 stitches wider than the other. Unless I wanted to walk diagonally to create an optical illusion of symmetry, it had to go. I just didn’t care enough to save it.

    You’ll get through it.

  4. That sucks! By now you’ve probably finished the back but the thought came to mind…cigarette lighter would probably get rid of stitches REEEEEEAAAALLL good. :-)

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