…sorry for the late post today, I’ve been…pouting. I don’t expect the pouting to last too much longer but let’s just say I expect the ‘pit of despair’ feeling to last at least until after the parade on Tuesday.

Football sucks. Although, it does become more interesting when you realize that you are the only woman in the room and you are explaining the game to the two guys watching with you. hehe

But ANYWAY. This isn’t a football blog (thank God), it’s a knitting blog. So, I bring you knitting:

Clapotis Revisited

Yes, it is a Clapotis. No, I haven’t mentioned it before. Yes, I’ve been knitting it instead of the CPH. I felt the need to have a warm neck and decided that a Clapotis knit out of Lorna’s Laces Lion & Lamb would be just the thing. However, I only have three skeins of L&L in Black Purl instead of the necessary four so my clappy is a bit on the skinny side. Also, it is taking forever and a day to finish and I want it completed before we go to NYC on Sunday for the Lunar New Year festivities. Walking around the city can get pretty chilly so I need all the ammo I can get! ;o)

The traitorous CPH has 7″ of the needed 9″ for the arm hole section. I worked on it a bit last night but not much – I was too pissed and every time TB got sacked I got even more pissed which wasn’t conducive to even gauge. You guys don’t get a picture, either since it pretty much looks like it did in the last picture I posted.

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17 thoughts on “*sigh*

  1. I’m very sorry. Even thought, ahem, I may have been rooting for the other side, it is never good when the team you want to win doesn’t. They did have a great season and have every reason to be proud of that – it was a suspenseful game!

    Beautiful Clap!

  2. I had my heart in my throat the entire game. I was afraid it coming, the Giants were on a hot streak and the Patriots had holes. They were beaten fair and square, but it doesn’t make it any less crappy. Better luck next season, I guess. And I’m with Carole, go Celtics!

  3. Hmm, my co-workers (and father) were all ecstatic today….

    Of course, I watched “Miss Austen Regrets” on PBS last night, so….

  4. Pitchers and catchers report in 12 days.

    I’ve seen at least one pundit blaming TB for thinking they’d score more points. How was he supposed to know the O-line would go AWOL? Phooey and feh, I say. And onward. (And I can’t help feeling just a little happy for TC and Eli, who have been badgered and bothered and overshadowed and second-guessed all these years. Decades of training in rooting for the underdog aren’t easily overcome.)

  5. I was bummed about the Super Bowl too. My daughter on the other hand loves the Giants so at least someone was happy that night. Your Clapotis looks great and should be very warm and cozy for NY.

  6. Remember, there’s always next year. ;-)

    Clap is off to a fine start. And there’s nothing wrong with a skinny Clap–it makes a less bulky, scarf-type project, which you could argue is more practical! In fact I plan to try knitting a mini-Clap with one skein of Sea Silk one of these days.

  7. Good thing you didn’t have to worry as much about gauge on the Clappy. I love the Black Purl colorway and Lion and Lamb…whoo hoo!

    Sorry the Pat’s didn’t win. We were hoping they would but it was an exciting game.

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