ummm…hi, bloglines.

Here I am, posting late again. On top of that, I only posted once last week. Why, you ask?

First, it’s hard to find eye candy in the middle of Winter that doesn’t consist of frozen tundra when you live in the frigid North as I do. Second, I blame Risa.

…because she sent me this:

Wii !

You see, a couple of weeks ago she posted that she was filthy with Wii’s. Sick with them.

Okay, she had two. I had none. So I quietly asked her what her plans were for the 2nd Wii. She had no specific plans and was more than willing to ‘share the wealth’ as it were and pass it on to me (for a very reasonable price, of course. She is a knitter/spinner and therefore fair and thoughtful). My family is very, very grateful to Risa for passing her extra Wii on to us (thanks again!!). However…

…you all know what I’m like when I get a new toy. I’ve been a bit…consumed. All knitting has halted. Dishes haven’t been washed in days, home-cooked meals are a distant dream and I think RR is re-wearing his socks. Things are a bit desperate and I think I’m hearing whispers that there are plans in the works to pry the remote out of my hand tonight when I pass out from exhaustion in front of the TV.

The problem with that plan? I bought Thrillville yesterday. I don’t plan on sleeping anytime soon. ;o)

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