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…when I posted on Tuesday (or was it Wednesday?) I may not have been 100% truthful about the state of things around here. You see, not only did I get a Wii, in the midst of a purchasing frenzy at Target for ‘Wii Stuff’ I may have slipped a copy of Sims 2 into my cart.

…I also may have installed said program on BAL (Big *ss Laptop). It’s a wonder I’ve found the bathroom this week. You should see the soul searching I’ve had to do, too. Play Wii? Play Sims? Oh the agony!

I think I may be coming up for air, though. At dinnertime last night I noticed a headache coming on and some hunger pangs… ;o)

There’s still a dearth of knitting around here so no CPH progress pictures as of yet. I do, however, have some pictures from Chinatown and the parade last weekend. We forgot the zoom lens so the photos that were taken weren’t exactly what I had envisioned, but they’re pretty, nonetheless:

NYC Chinatown New Year Parade 1
NYC Chinatown New Year Parade 4

I love the before and after of these photos:

NYC Chinatown New Year Parade 2
NYC Chinatown New Year Parade 3

…and finally, a dragon dancer:

NYC Chinatown New Year Parade 5

To give credit where credit is due – RR took these photos. I was cowering against a building trying to not have a panic attack from the crowds. ;o) This was the first year we went and saw the actual parade – I think I like it better when we show up late. Usually, 90% of the spectators are gone, there’s confetti everywhere and a lone dance troupe going door to door bringing good luck to the shop owners. ;o)

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9 thoughts on “um…hi again…bloglines

  1. What great pictures from Chinatown! I am so fond of Asian culture that it’s a big regret for me I’ve never made it there yet. Thanks for sharing!

    I feel for you on the Wii and Sims 2 issues. I recently got into Second Life, and also went back to playing EverQuest after being away from the game for 5 years. So for me, it’s do I log in with my warrior and kill some critters? Do I log in with my druid and build her baking skills? Or am I going into Second Life to go shopping at that sale my favorite clothing designer is having?

    Knitting is, to say the least, suffering by comparison. :)

  2. Well at least you went outside and played a bit :) I love the two people pictures. You can just hear the “oooh” and “ahhs”.

    And listen to Carole, I believe she using her total mom voice with you :)

  3. Fantastic photos RR!

    Your previous posts had me searching online for Wii’s.
    I know, know, know I am going to cave sooner or later.

    I’m an old school Mario fan (read freak) and am so envious of all the Wii talk everywhere I go. I just keep wondering if 3 months of obsessive gameplay is worth the $?

    ah – who am I kidding. Of course it is. Perhaps after my income tax return…

  4. OMG, you are so consumed by the games. Are you up for air yet? At least you got out of the house for the Chinese New Year festivities. Those were great pictures, btw.

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