um…hi again…bloglines

…when I posted on Tuesday (or was it Wednesday?) I may not have been 100% truthful about the state of things around here. You see, not only did I get a Wii, in the midst of a purchasing frenzy at Target for ‘Wii Stuff’ I may have slipped a copy of Sims 2 into my cart.

…I also may have installed said program on BAL (Big *ss Laptop). It’s a wonder I’ve found the bathroom this week. You should see the soul searching I’ve had to do, too. Play Wii? Play Sims? Oh the agony!

I think I may be coming up for air, though. At dinnertime last night I noticed a headache coming on and some hunger pangs… ;o)

There’s still a dearth of knitting around here so no CPH progress pictures as of yet. I do, however, have some pictures from Chinatown and the parade last weekend. We forgot the zoom lens so the photos that were taken weren’t exactly what I had envisioned, but they’re pretty, nonetheless:

NYC Chinatown New Year Parade 1
NYC Chinatown New Year Parade 4

I love the before and after of these photos:

NYC Chinatown New Year Parade 2
NYC Chinatown New Year Parade 3

…and finally, a dragon dancer:

NYC Chinatown New Year Parade 5

To give credit where credit is due – RR took these photos. I was cowering against a building trying to not have a panic attack from the crowds. ;o) This was the first year we went and saw the actual parade – I think I like it better when we show up late. Usually, 90% of the spectators are gone, there’s confetti everywhere and a lone dance troupe going door to door bringing good luck to the shop owners. ;o)

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