A Winner…

…and an addition to Chez ‘Lu.

No, not THAT kind of an addition. No more dogs, no more kids (frankly, Dobby has broken me, er, spoiled me for any other children) and, I have been told, no more video games for a while. (*sniffle*)

First, thank you all for your Blog-Birthday/Blogiversary/Blogaversary/Blogversary wishes! I love hearing from you – even if it does take bribery to get you to comment! ;o) (you know, you can comment more, I mean, I don’t bite, at least…not often. *cough*)

Second, meet the New Hottness:

New Hottness...

New Hottness Models the CPH

I don’t know why, but that’s what popped into my head when I took her out of the box and set her up for the first time on Monday. I have since been informed that ‘New Hottness’ is not an acceptable name so I need to come up with a new one. Any suggestions? (seriously, RR is really becoming a stick in the mud now that he’s on the downward slope towards the big four-oh. Wait. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you that…)

What is pinned on her at this time is my CPH in progress. Yes, the front section is pinned onto the wrong side, I realized this when I reached the arm decreases. It’s fixed now. ;o) I’ve been making crazy progress ever since Carole went and used her mom voice the other day and told me to put down the Wii controller and start knitting. When Carole uses her mom voice, you listen. You ever hear her mom voice? It’s skeery! ;o)

But you guys don’t really care about my knitting progress, do you. At least, not today. Not when there’s a Big *ss Prize up for grabs! I bet you all are dying to know who won, aren’t you? Well, I won’t make you wait another second!

I put all your names (times two since all you guys who commented on my last post were pre-commenters) into my super-de-dooper name picker (RR’s hat), swirled them all around and pulled out….


Congrats to Michelle, who will be receiving a gift certificate to the Loopy Ewe as soon as she lets me know what email she wants me to use to send it AND a skein of sock yarn AND a hank-o-roving from my stash! Hell, I’m jealous – I wish I could have won! hehehe

Thanks again to everyone who played!

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17 thoughts on “A Winner…

  1. Ah – my dream to have one of those forms – but what’s wrong with the New Hottness? Maybe you should call it – thehottnessthatshallnotbenamed? CPH is gorgeous – love that color and the yarn looks wonderful!

    Have you gotten Guitar Hero for Wii yet? It. Is. Awesome.

  2. I’m closing in on my CPH too. Although, I’m not thrilled with how it looks on. Maybe it would look better on a dress form — yeah, that’s it!!

  3. Personally, I see nothing wrong with “New Hottness”, but apparently, I’m not good at naming things. Hubby named both of the boys…

    CPH is fab! Now, if only someone would design something nifty like that that would actually look vaguely flattering on my round bod…LOL.

    PS – I was right! I does take a contest to get comments! LOL

  4. I’m on that slope, too, and I like The New Hottness. I say you keep the name. And I love the sweater in progress! Thank goodness for Carole and her mom voice.

  5. I like that name! RR is likely thinking that YOU are the only Hottness in the house, right RR?

    Can you imagine if it was that addition? With Dobby just getting her license etc.?

    CPH looks great. Pretty fantastic to have a model so you can be sure it is going to fit well.

    Congrats Michelle!

  6. Happy Blogiversary! What’s wrong with Her Hottness, as a name? Nothing, I say!

    Of course we care about your knitting. You’re giving it as a prize, right? :-D

    Slope? Let me look behind me and see that stinking slope. sigh.

  7. You love me, you really love me :) I would like to thank…wow I’m so excited it’s like I won the lottery or something :)

    I too like Her Hottness, but I must admit I first thought you were talking about the sweater, but Manuella the Mannequin is growing on me so.

    You can use this email address for the gift certificate.

    Thank you so much! :) and that sweater is hot – totally hot :) I’m really not sure if I used enough smiley faces in this post :)

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