He Never Listens…

…but who am I to complain?

V-Day Flowers2

V-Day Flowers

I told him that I didn’t want flowers on V-Day, I got them anyway. ;o) I thought I’d share them with you all for ECF this week.

Thank you all for helping with the name choice – I’ll think I’ll stick with ‘Hottness’ for the time being. It’s growing on me. (Even if RR aka stick-in-the-mud doesn’t like it so much…uh, hi honey! Love you!) ;o)

See you Monday!

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7 thoughts on “He Never Listens…

  1. At least, his not listening was a nice thing. That doesn’t always happen in my world. *L*

    Ya know, it’s not like he has to talk to The Hotness or anything. I’m glad you’re keeping her name.

  2. Man, men just never listen . . . don’t you just hate that? You must be so upset, having to put up with those roses in your HOUSE. I mean, the nerve. Couldn’t he just do what you asked this once? Sheesh . . .

  3. Darn him for not listening! LOL!

    They DO listen but then they forget what they heard. Sometimes the results are better than expected. :-D

    At least you didn’t say to him “Don’t junk my jeep”!

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