Big Plans… bloglines …

…I had big plans for today’s post. I was for sure positive that I’d have at least 8″ of knitting on the right front side of my CPH to show you. Why don’t I have this, you ask?

Because, apparently, I cannot remember knitting instructions to save my life.

Last Tuesday I was ready to cast on for the right front of the CPH so I brought the yarn and needles to dinner (at The Old Mill – a weekly occurrence since RR has fire practice on that night so cooking is a bit challenging) and forgot the directions. Not a big issue – I thought at the time – all I need to do is cast on 52 stitches and k2 p2 back and forth for four inches.

Except it was p2 k2 and trust me, it makes a difference.

I ripped it out last night.

What. the. Hell.

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17 thoughts on “Big Plans… bloglines …

  1. Oh. My. God. The fact that I couldn’t hear your mental screams of anguish all the way over at my house is testament to your self-restraint.

    So, so sorry you had to rip all that out! Just remember how much you’re going to enjoy wearing the damned thing when you’re done. Keep telling yourself that and self-medicate with chocolate.

  2. What’s that thing the Dyson guy says about learning from our mistakes..?? Yah, right! Man, that bites., sorry! (Beaming mental chocolate your way…)

  3. Sometimes I wish I had a photographic memory so if I forgot my knitting pattern it wouldn’t be a big deal. The only thing I don’t need a pattern for anymore is socks.

  4. You know what it is, you’re just trying to enjoy the knitting with this yarn and this project for an extended period of time, right? ;-)

  5. I’m way behind, but a happy belated Blogiversary to you! Totally bummer about the CPH though. It’s hard to believe such a little detail can make such a big difference, isn’t it?

  6. I brought my fingerless mitt with me to snb last night. It was on 3 needles. I left the fourth one I needed to knit with at home. Not much progress made last night, nope.

  7. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that, but not on anything as big as a sweater. Sucks for you. (Oh, how I miss the Mill…and I’m old enough to remember before it was the Mill how it was a candle shop.)

    I’m late on blog posts as usual, so (1) happy Blogiversary, (2) congrats on the new Hottness, I’m jealous, and (3) nice flowers. Flowers are impractical, temporary, and ridiculously expensive so, in other words, a complete waste. And yet, who among us doesn’t love getting them?

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