Okay so maybe it wasn’t ‘tomorrow’…

…but at least it’s this week! I’ve made some progress on the CPH, so far I have both fronts and the back done (as well as both sleeves to the sleeve caps done), the shoulders sewed together and 8″ of hood completed. Want pictures? Here you go:

CPH Progress 03-10-08

CPH Hood Progress 03-10-08

I seriously cannot wait to be done with this. In other news, there was a minor miracle on Monday. Beanie and Jazz have refused to be anywhere near each other (unless there was food involved). On Monday, they decided to share a chair. RR and I were speechless – and thankfully it lasted long enough for me to get a shot:

A minor miracle...

…in the interest of full disclosure, I should probably tell you that they are laying on a heated throw. ;o)

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11 Responses to “Okay so maybe it wasn’t ‘tomorrow’…”

  • Close enough. ;^) It’s looking great. I can’t wait to see it all put together and everything.

    The only thing better than food is a heating pad. ;^)

  • Progress with the sweater AND with the dogs!

  • I’m jealous. I’m so cold right now that my nail beds are lavender blue. There’s so not enough room on that chair for all of us to lie on the blanket. But then again, if I were under it and they were on top of it on my lap we could all feel better.

    Keep up the good work. If you keep at it you can have that cathartic feeling once you sew up the last seam and then you can banish it for a while. You’ll feel better when it’s done.

  • Yay! You’ll be done in no time. You might even get to wear it this season ;-)

  • Go, CPH, go! It’s looking great.

    Do you think if I tried the heated-throw strategy I could bring the cats to a state of detente?

  • All feuds put aside for a warm blanket, eh? Cute pic!

  • CPH looks great – beautiful color!

  • Kris:

    Wow, your CPH is looking awesome.

    It’s nice to see that Beanie and Jazz can at least share a warm blanket (very cute picture).

  • Awwwww. Beanie and the Jazz. Now why does that make me want to sing? :-)

    Your CPH is really moving along. Why aren’t you going nuts with tax season? Hmmmmmm.

  • The sweater looks great so far! What a sweet pic of the puppies so cute!

  • It’s coming along nicely! Hang in there!

    Awww.. see! There *can* be world peace! ;)

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