All Over but the Buttons…

…oh thank the GSD* that’s over.

The New Hottness would like to present…my finished Central Park Hoodie.

FO: Central Park Hoodie (Front)

I plan on doing ‘afterthought’ buttonholes (a la EZ) when I’ve decided on buttons (don’t worry, I’ll be asking for your opinions after the choices have arrived!)

FO: Central Park Hoodie (Back)

I chose to kitchener the hood closed instead of seaming (yes, you can see the line – but I also haven’t washed the hood yet. That will disappear after the first soaking). I picked up and knit the button bands after the hood was complete so they are seamless, also.

FO: Central Park Hoodie (Sleeve)

My favorite part – there is much beauty in a set-in sleeve that has no puckers. ;o)

Wait. I lied. My absolute favorite part? It fits.

Project Notes

* GSD = Global Standard Deity . See the Thursday Next Series for more info. ;o)

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28 thoughts on “All Over but the Buttons…

  1. WOOOOHOOO! It looks gorgeous. Wear it the next time you see me, I can’t wait to see it. :)

    I’m with you, thank GOD it’s done, now you can free up your needles for something new and delicious.

  2. Lookin’ extra hot. I love it. This right here is what knitting magic is all about…it may have been a pain for a while but the end result it SO worth it.

    And YAY for Thursday Next! I just started reading The Eyre Affair and I love it.

  3. Fantastic! I love the color – I did the same thing with my hood and button band. And – I still haven’t picked out buttons, either – good thing I have plenty of pins around to keep it closed!

  4. hooray! It looks fab, like it with the pin, but I am sure the buttons will also look wonderful.

    Mine has been languishing unloved for a while…hmmm….

  5. Very nice! I can’t wait to see it with buttons…and in person at the very first festival of the season.

    Love Thursday Next, too!

  6. Beautiful! I sort of like the pin action too. Then again I’m to chicken to attempt those EZ button holes. I mean my spastic hands, with scissors and fresh finished knitting – that’s a disaster just waiting to happen. Can I watch?

    Now what will you ever do with your time :P

  7. So pretty! Love the color and the sleeves look wonderful. How much ease did it end up with? I’m asking because I BROKE DOWN and ordered yarn for my own CPH and can’t decide on size.


  8. I bow, nay, grovel, before your exquisite finishing skills. You’d best be careful Athena doesn’t get wind of this if you don’t want to end up hanging by a thread from the ceiling.

  9. RR says:

    this is a test … to check your back end code ……ummm…….you said …..code

    Hi all this is mee and what she puts up with ALL the time ;-)

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