You asked…

…so I shall deliver. Pictures of the CPH on me:

CPH - Modeled Back

CPH - Modeled Shoulder

CPH - Modeled Front

I swear, if it weren’t for my face (and the rest of me), I’d be happier to post photos of myself on the blog. it’s not that I don’t *like* my face (or the rest of me), it’s just that I don’t like the spastic fits that I appear to be suffering from whenever RR hits the shutter button. That last one is the only one in which I’m facing the camera (out of the 20 RR took) that I like. (yeah, I’m picky…it’s all part of my charm.) Speaking of picky, please note that the sleeve insert looks just as good on my actual arm as it does on tNH’s arm. ;o)

Thank you all for your complements on my new sweater – they are much appreciated! I haven’t taken it off since I finished it, and I’m so happy that it’s done before Spring has fully kicked in so I can wear it a few times before it has to be put away for the season!

Now, on to button choices:

What button?

I have my favorite, let me know yours!

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36 thoughts on “You asked…

  1. Well, I really liked the bottom one first and the more I look at it, the more I like the middle one.

    btw, I think you look sort of like a cute pixie with an ornery streak. ;)

  2. Eee! You’re too cute! I love that photo of you facing the camera, you look like you’re having a great time.

    The sweater looks amazing on you, it really does. You did a wonderful job and the attention to detail shows.

  3. Very pretty! I like the middle button. It seems to be more traditional for the knit and the color of the fabric. But the other two are lovely, as well.

  4. I have no opinion on the buttons, I like them all. But the sweater is beautiful! I think you get extra credit for your superb finishing techniques. It really shows.

    Sounds like you have the Chandler Bing photo problem going on…

  5. Alas, I just put Rogue and my handspun sweater in a ziplock bag for the summer. Guess Imogen will go in, too, once she’s dry. I only need one cardigan for those early dog walks. CPH is gorgeous!

  6. Well, I just found your CPH on Ravelry. I’m in the middle of one myself. Yours is SOOOOO cute! You did a great job! I think I like the metal button as well. Nice to put a face with the name (we did Summer of Socks together). Bravo!

  7. YOU photograph MUCH better than I…from ALL angles, I might add! (Oh, ya, and so does the sweater! LOL)

    As to the buttons… I’m a button junkie (just the teensiest bit of my button stash has appeared on the blog), so I’d likely use all of ’em. Eclectic is nice, right?

  8. Huh, I actually like the bottom one best. Regardless, I think you look fab, your sweater is awesome and your bum looks small in the picture.

  9. Tack on another vote for the middle button.

    You look great in the picture. All smiley and snuggly in your sweater. Sleeves…amazing.

  10. Your Central Park Hoodie looks awesome on you. I think any of the buttons in the picture would work fine. Hmmm, I like the top one the best.

  11. Hot damn! All the extra work paid off. :-) You look great in that!

    I like it pinned, actually… but as far as buttons go, I think the top one blends in best, but the middle one is prettiest. So it depends on the look you’re going for. :-)

  12. It looks fantastic! I think we’re all pretty picky about blog pictures, at least I know I am. ;) I like the metal buttons best. :)

  13. CPH looks fab on you! You are much too critical of yourself. You take great pictures! Cute as a button. Now me, I always look half dead with the dark circles under my eyes…

    I like the middle button best.

  14. Wow, CPH looks fabulous on you! Thanks for showing some modeled pics. I am picky too about my pictures and I usually make my bf take several pictures so I can get 2 or 3 three that I like.

    Top button goes best with the color of the sweater, imo. I’m also partial to gold, so there’s that too! :-)

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