Almost Instant Knitting Gratification…

…is what I needed after working on the CPH for a lifetime. With that in mind, on Saturday I turned this:

Fairpoint Dairy Done

into this:

Fairpoint Dairy

I had to give it a bath and a thwacking to make it behave so I had to wait for it to dry (in front of a fan and then on the flat thingy in the dryer when it STILL wasn’t dry enough). Then on Sunday morning I cast on a pair of Fetching and by the end of Sense & Sensibility last night, I had this:


I even spent most of the afternoon cleaning up the yard (hence the band-aid on my thumb – thank God I blister easily or I would have been out there longer!) If that’s not almost instant gratification, I don’t know what is. ;o)


So, speaking of S&S, how did you all like it?

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21 thoughts on “Almost Instant Knitting Gratification…

  1. Before giving my impressions of the movie I must confess that I’ve never read this book and I’ve only seen several other versions of the movie. I enjoyed parts of this version of S & S better than the movie with Emma Thompson, but other parts left me scratching my head. As far as casting went, Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon can’t be beat, but I was relieved that Edward was played by someone not so creepy as Hugh Grant. As far as the screen play (like I said, I’ve not read the book so I can’t compare original dialogue and scenes) I thought that parts of last night’s version were rushed and made no sense to someone not familiar with the story. For example the part where Col. Brandon offers the parsonage to E. Farrows after he is cut off . Other parts, like where Elinor tells Willoughby to get out seemed completely out of place for that day and age. I can’t imagine that his character would have really been so confrontational, nor would have hers.

    I love your Fetching mitts! You’re a fast knitter.

  2. S-weet. I like the yarn as much as the mitts! And, after making one pair of fingerless mitts, I found myself making about 10, no 20, no 80 zillion more. lol Ok, really, I only made 7 or 8 pairs, they were rather addictive though. Not quite like socks, but definitely mildly addictive.

  3. Gotta love the instant gratification projects! Love your Fetchings…especially because they’re made with your lovely handspun!

  4. You know I’m a total sucker for the magic of handspun into knitting, so of course I’m impressed. Nice Fetchings!

    Didn’t see S&S, but I have to say I have listened to non-dramatized Austen on CD and I’m one of those people who just don’t get it. I think I’d do better with a movie.

    Congrats on the blister.

    jessie’s last blog post..March socks

  5. The mitts are lovely! :-) Have you got leftover yarn? Enough to do something interesting?

    I have S&S waiting for me on the DVR, and am very excited. It’s hard to imagine anyone could do it better than Emma and Kate, but I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised! :-)

    Beth S.’s last blog post..Not Fooling

  6. Mary W says:

    Love the mitts and handspun too! I am a spinner, weaver, knitter in Arizona. I’ve watched the whole Jane Austin series, S & S was great but suffered by being shown in 2 parts. It is interesting that my appreciation for jane has not dwindled with age but my perception of her characters has. I thought Emma was the most wonderful heroine when I was 10, but see her a something of a twit now 40+ years later. Anyone else?

  7. Fetching was the perfect project to knit up-very pretty. I always thought Emma Thompson was way to old to play that character (I don’t care how good of an actress she is).

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